Friday, 14 October 2016


Ruiner were a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2004 and called it quits in 2010. They did reunite to play This Is Hardcore earlier this year though. Without a doubt these guys are one of my favourites from their era, which is saying a lot considering their peers were bands like Modern Life Is War and Verse. Ruiner played an intensely emotional form of hardcore, with very personal lyrics being shouted a top some pounding instrumentation, full of octave chords and the like. Their two full-lengths are stone-cold classics, as well as their one compilation, I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes, which includes all their early material. The only thing I'm missing here is their Under The Influence split with Attica! Attica! that includes a cover of Oasis' "Morning Glory", so if anyone happens to have it, please send it over. Besides that, enjoy!

1. Prepare To Be Let Down
2. Bottom Line: Fuck You
3. The Lives We Fear
4. That Stone Better Be On Fire
5. 40 Miles North
6. A Song For Beggars
7. Long Time Coming
8. Repetition
9. Choke On It
10. When The Morning Ends
11. Sleepless
12. Kiss That Motherfucker Good Night

1. Once Loved
2. Paint Peals
3. Adhering To Superstition
4. Lockjaw
5. Getting Over The Overs
6. Out Go The Candles
7. A Bridge Too Many
8. Six By Six
9. Dear Philadelphia
10. Sincerely
11. Paint Peals
12. Adhering To Superstition
13. Six By Six
14. The Lives We Fear

1. I'm Out
2. Dead Weight
3. Two Words
4. Part One
5. Part Two
6. Convenient Gods
7. Meat
8. Loneliest Of Hearts
9. Committed
10. Solitary


  1. here's that split with attica! attica!
    there's actually quite a few more releases, ep's, singles, splits and demos, i can upload them too if you want.

  2. well, it turns out that most of it is included on the ihtdae compilation (i didn't figure that out before) except the lives we fear and dead weight 7"s, so here are those two...