Friday, 22 July 2016

TTNG (This Town Needs Guns)

TTNG (formerly This Town Needs Guns) are a three-piece math rock/indie/emo band from Oxford, England that got started in 2004. They're best known for their very technical and intricate style of playing that was heavily influenced by bands like Owls, Joan of Arc, and of course American Football. However, just like those bands, TTNG have a very melodic sensibility to them, which comes out in the very clean guitar tones and the softer vocals.

They've undergone a few changes in their time, most notably a few line-up changes in their early years, though they've been consistent with their current three-piece set-up for a few years now. There's also the name change, and the reason behind it is because the name This Town Needs Guns was initially meant to be ironic, since there weren't many guns where they came from. However, as they became more well-known internationally, the statement became less of an ironic joke and more of a deranged reality to some. Which is unfortunate, because the original name is kind of funny, but the reason behind the change makes complete sense. Regardless, this is a solid band that I know a lot of people have been waiting for, so here ya go. They also just released a new album, so check that out. Enjoy.

1. They Speak With Strange Accents
2. Forever And Always
3. Vaguer Transmission
4. Eleven
5. Curiosity Compels Me
6. This Is Wrong

1. Hippy Jam Fest (The Likes of Which Has Never Been Seen)
2. Denial Adams
3. Like Romeo And Juliet

1. Cats And Cats And Cats - Brilliant The Brilli Ant
2. Cats And Cats And Cats - 
3. Cats And Cats And Cats - 
4. Cats And Cats And Cats - 
5. This Town Needs Guns - 26 Is Dancier Than 4
6. This Town Needs Guns - If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out Of Here
7. This Town Needs Guns - 1470 Man
8. This Town Needs Guns - It's Not True Rufus, Don't Listen To The Hat

1. 26 Is Dancier Than 4
2. And I'll Tell You For Why...
3. I'll Forget About You Throwing That Rock Cos That Dance Was Pretty Funny
4. 1470 Man
5. Do You Wanna Come Back To My Room And Listen To Some Belle And Sebastian?
6. If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out Of Here
7. Japanese Ultra-Violence In D-Minor (The Saddest Chord)
8. It's Not True Rufus, Don't Listen To The Hat

1. Chinchilla
2. Baboon
3. Lemur
4. Badger
5. Quetzal
6. Panda
7. Elk
8. Pig
9. Gibbon
10. Dog
11. Crocodile
12. Rabbit
13. Zebra

1. Adventure, Stamina & Anger
2. Mnspector Iorse

1. Cat Fantastic
2. Havoc In The Forum
3. Left Aligned
4. In The Branches Of Yggdrasil
5. I'll Take The Minute Snake
6. 2 Birds, 1 Stone And An Empty Stomach
7. Nice Riff, Clichard
8. Triptych
9. Pygmy Polygamy
10. A Different Kind of Tall (small)
11. +3 Awesomeness Repels Water

1. Coconut Crab
2. A Chase Of Shorts
3. Consoling Ghosts
4. In Praise Of Idleness
5. Whatever, Whenever
6. Bliss Quest
7. There's No 'I' In Time
8. Destroy The Tabernacle!
9. Sponkulus Nodge
10. Empty Palms


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