Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pygmy Lush

I can't deny this one is LONG overdue. As you may know, Pygmy Lush are a folk/experimental band based out of Sterling, Virginia that formed in 2004 in the wake of pg.99's demise. 4 out of 5 of the guys in this band appeared on Document #8, to put it in perspective. Thus, Pygmy Lush are the true heir to pg.99's throne as the greatest band of all time, though they took a radically different approach to their sound. Like I said earlier, Pygmy Lush experimented heavily with folk influence, often creating long, drawn-out and melancholic acoustic pieces with breathy vocals and somber tones. On occasion though, they still would break into their old frenzies, particularly on their debut album Bitter River. But for the most part, they're more "my blood barely flooooooows" than "FUCK YOU JESUS".  And just as a disclaimer, I don't mean to continually emphasis the relation to a certain other band, Pygmy Lush are certainly their own project and have established a ton of amazing material and a dedicated following on their own, separate of what its members had been active in prior.

If you're familiar with the pg.99 family then you're definitely already familiar with this band, and if you're a fan of dark, acoustic-based music you will definitely dig this band. They craft some incredibly music as haunting as it is beautiful that you'll have a tough time turning off. Enjoy.

1. Nonsensical Tremor
2. Hurt Everything
3. Universal Order At 0mph
4. Slave To A Teenager
5. Big Black River
6. Send Bombs
7. Headless
8. Foul Mouth Mother
9. Red Room Blues
10. Malady Savvy
11. Hurt Everything
12. The Baptism Of Isa Lee
13. Send Bombs
14 .The Boys Of Sweet Creek Reservoir
15. Untitled
16. Throw The Jockey

1. Asphalt
2. No Feeling
3. Dead Don't Pass
4. God Condition
5. Red Room Blues
6. Mount Hope
7. Frozen Man
8. Hard To Swallow
9. Concrete Mountain
10. Dreams Are Class
11. Butch's Dream
12. Tumor

1. Asphalt
2. Dead Don't Pass
3. Throw The Jockey
4. Headless
5. No Feeling
6. Butch's Dream
7. Hard To Swallow
8. Untitled
9. The Lonely Waltz Of Leonard Cohen (pg.99 cover)
10. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (The Ramones cover)

1. Pygmy Lush - White Oblivion
2. Pygmy Lush - Proud King Of The Doomed
3. Pygmy Lush - Affluence At The Altar
4. Pygmy Lush - Rut Gluttony
5. Pygmy Lush - It's A Good Day To Hide
6. Pygmy Lush - Black Liver Blues
7. Pygmy Lush - November Song
8. Turboslut - Speed
9. Turboslut - Exorcism
10. Turboslut - Roadkill
11. Turboslut - Eulogy
12. Turboslut - Invoking
1. Cold World
2. Guilt

1. Yellow Hall
2. Chance
3. Good Dirt
4. In A Well
5. Night At The Johnstown Flood
6. I'll Wait With You
7. Penny On My Deathbed
8. A Weird Glow
9. Admit
10. Old Friends
11. January Song
12. Pals

1. Serve The Servants (Nirvana cover)

8. On a Plain (Nirvana cover)

Bandcamp (contains old demos)


  1. Can you please do At The Drive In ? It's the only big, big band that you haven't done yet.

  2. can you do Dandelion Hands please?

  3. Man, Mount Hope is unbelievably good. Anyone know any other albums similar to it?

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  5. This band is so fucking good. Is "Untitled" (album) like an alternate reality of "Mount Hope"? (also album)? I feel like it could be. Wish I could find some decent lyrics. Cool blog.

  6. I've lived Sterling for have I not heard of these guys?? Thanks again!!!

  7. I have the pre bitter river 7 song demo if anyone wants it?

    1. Oh and the serve the servants acoustic demo

    2. Yeah if you could link both that would be awesome, thanks!