Tuesday, 5 July 2016


nothing,nowhere. are an indie/emo/cloud rap? project from somewhere I don't know. I can't seem to dig much up about them/him, except that they're going on tour with Thrice and La Dispute later in the year. They've got a handful of releases out though, and a steady slew of phenomenal videos on the YouTubes. In terms of sound, imagine a very ambient and atmospheric sound, tinged by reverb and some slight delay, now top that with some clean, arpeggiated guitar parts, and on top of that some self-deprecating and vulnerable lyrics somberly croaked. Besides being one hell of a run-on sentence, it's also a damn good sound. What really sets them apart is the "cloud rap" aspect, which as stupid of a term as that sounds, kind of applies. A drum machine is used to give these songs an actual beat, not to mention the vocals actually break out into rapped sections. It's a unique blend of sounds, but it works. I'm sure a lot of people will find it intriguing, so check them out. Enjoy.

1. death sentence
2. guest room (n,n. x mou$etrap)
3. still
4. cement
5. dont mind me
6. bedhead
7. lay me in the reservoir (n,n. x ʎpoqou)
8. knives
9. eastern highways
10. poor posture

1. lost in the darkness (an intro by unforseen)
2. lake house ft. Mikey the Magician
3. I've been doing well
4. time out!
5. full color (n,n. x oilcolor)
6. choke slam
7. you were young (n,n. x ʎpoqou)

1. weight of the wind (prod. oilcolor)
2. get over it (prod. oilcolor)
3. gutter
4. everything (prod. oilcolor)
5. stranger (prod. oilcolor)
6. [bonus] fair trade (prod. oilcolor & nobloodnotears)

1. Houdini
2. Clarity In Kerosene
3. Funeral Fantasy
4. REM (feat. Lil West)
5. Black Heart
6. Marykate
7. Hopes Up (feat. Dashboard Confessional)
8. Skully
9. Nevermore

1. outsider
2. reminiscer
3. better
4. sinker
5. hammer
6. rejecter
7. ruiner
8. sayer
9. vacanter
10. changer
11. waster


  1. This sounds really interesting. Will def check out.

  2. It's a bit too gay for me. Moreso than those GLOSS or PWR BTTM bands, but thanks for sharing still!

  3. If you're gonna post stuff like this you must post Wicca Phase Springs Eternal!!!

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  5. holy shit i like it so much bless you sophie's floorboard

  6. please upload all his 2016 singles into one folder if you could please... thank you!

  7. Get ready for this dude to blow up after he's done with this big tour.

  8. can u post the new track pls y'all? thanks for everything loves

  9. could you post the new album, reaper, please? thanks!

  10. Reaper would be fantastic!

  11. Now at the top of my favorite band hopes up is the song that describes me..thank you

  12. Please add his new album ruiner! I can’t find it anywhere

  13. thanks for keeping the page up to date