Sunday, 3 July 2016

Trash Boat

Yesyesyes, calm the fuck down, I see the requests, haha. This one's quick and easy to do, so I simply can't refuse. Trash Boat are a five-piece pop punk band from St. Albans, England, UK that formed in 2014. They've gone a far way in a small amount of time, with them already being signed to Hopeless Records, and their debut LP just came out last month. In terms of sound, think of other modern UK pop punk bands like Neck Deep or ROAM, but with a hint of Taking Back Sunday influence, or something like that. I have to admit it's a sound as a whole I get kind of jaded about, but I can see the appeal with Trash Boat. They've got some solid musicianship and some memorable songs to match it. They're showing some real progression which is a welcome change in a relatively stagnant genre. Check out what they've already done, and I'm definitely looking forward to see where they're going, because they're definitely going far. Enjoy.

1. Cluttered Sign
2. Boneless
3. Gnarmalade
4. Lock-In

1. Taylor
2. Saving Face
3. Perspective
4. As Seen On Screen
5. Eleven

1. Strangers (feat. Dan Campbell)
2. How Selfish I Seem
3. Tring Quarry
4. Brave Face
5. Eleven
6. Pangaea
7. Second Wind
8. Catharsis
9. Things We Leave Behind
10. The Guise Of A Mother
11. You Know, You Know, You Know


  1. I gave you the first 2 EP's :)

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