Tuesday, 12 July 2016


1994! are a two-piece emo/post-hardcore/math rock band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania that formed in 2006 and are presumably still active, though they haven't done anything for a little while. They are involved in other projects, such as Nah, which might take up most of their time. Either way, a few years back they put out a string of phenomenal releases that I think encompass every aspect of every great band on this blog. By that I mean a fan of anyone interested within the general realm of music this blog is in will find something they like about 1994!. They've got the off-kilter, hard-hitting screamo influence of a band like Off Minor with the catchiness and noodly guitar work of a Kinsella band. From a "math rock" standpoint, they've got some incredible talent. Their drummer is a beast behind the kit, and the guitar shreds through some very fast licks. All the while having the appeal of modern midwestern emo band with a tinge of classic post-hardcore a la Dischord influence. This band is phenomenal, what more can I say. 1994! are an essential to check out for any fan of the music on this blog, so get into it. Enjoy.

1. Get Off Our Weed You Pussies
2. Reptile Dysfunction
3. New Holland 1995
4. Termineighbor 2 "The Misspelling"
5. Sexual Alien vs Sexual Predator
6. Steep Cliff Mountain Type Jaunt
7. Stutter Like You Mean It
8. Tough Guy Older Brother Shit

1. Spires - Leaving For Home
2. Spires - Water's Edge
3. Spires - Haunting A Sandlot
4. 1994! - We're Excited About Thinking
5. 1994! - Hunchbag, Bag In Action
6. 1994! - Hilarious Combinations Of People Punching Each Other

1. King Kong Stompin Man
2. Shut Up The Fuck Up
3. Acknowledge The Rage
4. Luke Gone Leidy
5. Thank All You Guy Helpening
6. Damn You's
7. A+ Brain

1. Sour Thanks, Man
2. Upsell The Vibe

1. 1994! - Proper J
2. Snowing - Big Weed
3. Boys And Sex - High Notes
4. Algernon Cadwallader - (Na Na Na Na) Simulation

1. untitled
2. i, i, i, me, me, me
3. never into it, definitely over it
4. apologetically american
5. from decay
6. untitled 2
7. non multa, sed multum


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  2. Thanks for this! I forgot about them. I remember enjoying FCKYRHED when I was younger, and I've grown to appreciate math influenced music more.

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  4. I remember they used to be called 'From Corpses Spring Flowers' way back