Saturday, 2 July 2016


Ittō are a five-piece screamo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2011. Starting out with a self-titled EP, they followed it up with an appearance on a four-way split with some other phenomenal bands, which were Calculator, Innards, and Capacities. All of them, including Ittō, are highly recommended, and some of the best modern screamo you are going to ever hear, no doubt. Now in 2016, we have their debut full-length, Pursuant. It continues their progressive approach to the genre, featuring dissonant, off-kilter rhythms that might loosely recall a band like Capsule. If you're in the skramz market in 2016, Pursuant is a must-buy. Enjoy.

1. Gift Horse
2. Hex Keys
3. Traditions
4. Kaleidoscope

1. Calculator - Only The Winds Home
2. Calculator - You Say It, We Play It
3. Calculator - Victoria
4. Innards - July 5th
5. Innards - Slow And Repeat
6. Capacities - This Man's Navy
7. Capacities - The Art Of Excuses
8. Capacities - Advice From Tyrion
9. Capacities - Condolences
10. Ittō - Death Frenzy
11. Ittō - Daigoro

1. Animus
2. Ego Death
3. M.I.S.C.
4. Mayfly
5. Sunburst
6. Void Walker
7. Impermanence
8. Death Frenzy
9. Daigoro
10. No Diversity On East Diversey
11. Pursuant
12. Samsara


  1. Can you please do At The Drive In next ? They're one of the most prolific bands that you have yet to do. I'd really appreciate it.

  2. thanks for all the screamo lately. been really digging digging through all these discographies and related bands <3

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