Monday, 11 July 2016

Everybody Row

Everybody Row are a four-piece punk band from the Bay Area, California that formed in 2014. They were started by members of Comadre, and definitely fill the void that that band left. Everybody Row are a lot more of a straight-forward rock band than their predecessor. They punch out some energetic, catchy, uptempo songs that are as hard-hitting as they are catchy. Perhaps most notably they include a prominent organ, which gives them both a very unique sound and a very classic rock vibe, which makes for one hell of a good band. They're definitely highly recommended as a straight-up good rock band. You can't go wrong with that. Enjoy.

1. The Sea Inside
2. Coming Out Close
3. Escape Plan
4. Keep Running

1. Tiny Empires
2. No Direction Home


  1. PLEASE do At The Drive In. I'm not the only one who may want it.

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