Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Iron Chic

I think I've mentioned this band a few times before, but never actually did a post on them. This is a crime since it doesn't get much better than Iron Chic. They're a five-piece punk band from Long Island, New York that have been kicking since 2008. Along with RVIVR, Iron Chic are one of the offspring birthed by the break-up of Latterman. The band's former two vocalists both went their own ways, and we got two amazing bands because of it. Iron Chic continue Latterman's legacy of catchy pop punk and undeniable energy. They've made a name for themselves in their own right, and I've got to specifically mention 2010's Not Like This, because that is a fucking awesome album, and if you're going to listen to anything by them make it that. Otherwise, they've put out a ton of good, catchy songs that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. Enjoy.

1. In One Ear
2. Timecop
3. Steel Wall Method
4. Sensitive Dependence
5. Cry-Baby

1. Shits/Giggles
2. The Worlds Greatest Detective
3. Don't Tell Me Stupid, Don't Show Me Fuck You
4. (I Never Get) Winded

1. Cutesy Monster Man
2. Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future
3. Timecop
4. I Always Never Say That
5. Black Friday
6. Know What I Mean, Jellybean?
7. Awes-nificent
8. In One Ear
9. Bustin' (Makes Me Feel Good)
10. Every Town Has An Elm Street

1. Those Heads Are Our Heads
2. Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get.
3. Langoliers
4. Jet Ski (Bikini Kill)
5. 85 E. Cleveland (Plow United)

1. Spooky Action At A Distance
2. Less Rest For The Restless
3. Goofy's Concern (Butthole Surfers cover)
4. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (The Ramones cover)

1. The End (Intro)?
2. Bogus Journey
3. (Castle) Numbskull
4. Wolf Dix Rd.
5. Prototypes
6. Spooky Action At A Distance
7. Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder
8. A Serious House On Serious Earth
9. True Miserable Experience
10. Don't Drive Angry
11. What Ever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?

1. Iron Chic - L'esprit de L'escalier
2. Low Culture - Not A Machine
3. Iron Chic - Subhumanoid Meltdown
4. Low Culture - Oh Jazelle

1. Ys
2. The Dreaming And The Waking World
3. Dog Bite (Dead Kennedys cover)

1. A Headache With Pictures
2. My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)
3. You Can't Stay Safe
4. Let's. Get. Dangerous.
5. Thunderbolts!
6. Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles
7. Golgotha
8. Profane Geometry
9. Invisible Ink
10. Ruinous Calamity
11. To Shreds, You Say?


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  3. from their first album to their most recent Iron Chic keeps putting out good stuff! I love them!

  4. Thank you mate!

  5. There is a new split with Toys That Kill.