Thursday, 15 January 2015


Somos are a four-piece emo/punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2012. Their debut full-length, Temple Of Plenty, came out in 2014, and has immediately garnered a lot of attention. In the grand scheme of modern emo revival, there are always a few standouts that are above the average twinklefests that drop so constantly. Somos are one of these standouts, immediately making a splash in a scene where bands like You Blew It! and The Hotelier are already king. Their sound brings in elements of post-hardcore, post-rock, and indie to create a unique blend to their contemporary emo sound. Their songs are catchy and melodic, with some great lyrics to back them up. Their guitar work is varied, while the entire bands creates a driving force that give these songs such an energy. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post, and enjoy.

FFO: Polar Bear Club, Prawn, You Blew It!, The Hotelier, Nai Harvest

1. Daily Ritual
2. Embrace The Spare Change
3. Showed Up Late
4. The Strangest Example

1. Familiar Theme
2. Domestic
3. Dead Wrong
4. Lives Of Others
5. When You Pass
6. Strangest Example
7. Lifeline
8. Distorted Vision
9. Before You Merge

1. Somos - Letters From An Absent Future
2. Somos - Back And Forth
3. Sorority Noise - Dobranoc
4. Sorority Noise - Wesleyan's Best Dressed

1. Have Mercy - Two Years (Acoustic)
2. Have Mercy - Somebody's Baby
3. Somos - Streets Upon Streets
4. Somos - Domestic (Acoustic)

1. Slow Walk To The Graveyard Shift
2. Violent Decline
3. Thorn In The Side
4. Problem Child
5. Reminded/Weighed Down
6. Days Here Are Long
7. Room Full Of People
8. You Won't Stay
9. Alright, I'll Wait
10. Bitter Medicine
11. Lifted From The Current


  1. Do Tiger Lily pls

  2. Can you guys please post Run Forever?
    They have a split with Adventures and a self titled record out as well as a Big Vacation EP on No Sleep Records

  3. The first day back link is broken, btw. Love the site, thanks!

  4. new 7" up on their bandcamp!

  5. file no longer exists for "First Day Back" =\

  6. hey guys! good stuff but First Day Back link is dead

  7. The new album link is down. Can you please fix it!