Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Jets To Brazil

Jets To Brazil were an indie/emo band active from 1997-2003 in Brooklyn, New York. They were formed by Blake Schwarzenbach (formerly of Jawbreaker) and Jeremy Chatelain. They were soon joined by ex-Texas Is The Reason drummer Chris Daly, as well as guitarist Brian Maryansky after the release of their debut album. Despite the roots in punk that many of the members came from, Jets To Brazil opted for a much different sound. They incorporated keyboards and acoustic guitars in addition to the typically distorted guitars and drums. Genres as varied as indie, pop, folk, and classic rock were also drawn upon in terms of influence. The band only managed to put out three full-lengths, though each are very different from the others, showcasing the band's rapid progression and constant experimentation. Jets To Brazil were signed to Jade Tree Records throughout their tenure, and remained peers to bands such as The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World until their end. Their three albums are now highly regarded, particularly their debut, Orange Rhyming Dictionary. Although they are a band of notoriety in their own right, fans of Jawbreaker, Texas Is The Reason, etc. need to give this band a try, since they sound like a continuation of where those bands might have gone had they continued longer than they did. Enjoy.

1. Crown of The Valley
2. Morning New Disease
3. Resistance Is Futile
4. Starry Configurations
5. Chinatown
6. Sea Anemone
7. Lemon Yellow Brick
8. Conrad
9. King Medicine
10. I Typed For Miles
11. Sweet Avenue

1. You're Having The Time Of My Life
2. One Summer Last Fall
3. Air Traffic Control
4. Pale New Dawn
5. In The Summer's When You Really Know
6. Empty Picture Frame
7. Little Light
8. Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab And We Think We Know What Your Problem Is
9. Milk And Apples
10. Mid-Day Anonymous
11. *******
12. Orange Rhyming Dictionary
13. All Things Good And Nice

1. The Frequency
2. You're The One I Want
3. Cat Heaven
4. Perfecting Loneliness
5. Lucky Charms
6. Wish List
7. Psalm
8. Autumn Walker
9. Further North
10. William Tell Override
11. Disgrace
12. Rocket Boy

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