Tuesday, 27 January 2015


This is a band that should have been on here from day one. Regardless, better late than never, and thanks for the constant requests for them, it was a good reminder to finally introduce one of the best bands from the past ten years to this blog.

Comadre were a five-piece hardcore/screamo band from Redwood City, California, that formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2013. For most of their career, they remained relatively underground, though they did begin to garner quite a bit of attention with the release of their last album, Comadre. Regardless, their entire discography is absolutely phenomenal. They released four of the best albums within their genre, and were active with a ton of other great bands. Comadre's sound was energetic, to say the least. Although a lot of bands boast that adjective, very few come even close to the spastic frenzies and throat-shredding lyrical genius that Comadre was. Their songs were incredibly intense, and carried an energy even punk purists couldn't deny. They have a ton of melodic moments, whether they be quieter moments, or fun, catchy (but still screamed) choruses, they could do it all. They wrote great songs, with each being distinct from each other, they experimented quite a bit, and penned a ton of incredible lyrics to boot.

They really took what earlier bands like pg.99, At The Drive-In, and Kid Dynamite were doing, and ran with it to create their own, unique sound. I would go as far as to say that bands around today like Touché Amoré wouldn't be the same without them. Comadre were personally one of my first introductions to more modern screamo/hardcore/punk/whatever, and still remain one my favourites. I'm sure a ton of people who have not heard them will still be absolutely blown away by them, and people who have heard them will continue to. Here's their discography, most of which they've been giving away for free anyway. Definitely check them out if you're already into a lot of Bay Area punk (such as Punch, Dangers, and Loma Prieta), or just want to hear a band giving it their all. For starters, try Burn Your Bones, but everything has merit, so enjoy.

1. The Trees Are Moving...
2. City Slickers Part 6
3. Mess With The Best, Undress Like The Rest
4. Well Damn, If We All Ate The Berries We Might As Well Die Together
5. Slangin' Rocks In The House Of God
6. Remind Me Never To Stick My Hand Out The Window Again
7. I Think We're Alone Now
8. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes
9. Welcome To Blood Town, Population Buried
10. The Trials
11. I Sleep With My Eyes Open
12. ...And Everything Is Falling Together.

1. Burn the Scene!
2. Fill the Void!
3. Who's got the Golden Ticket Now!
4. The Hole in the Ship, S.O.S.!
5. Pause (Kid Dynamite cover)
6. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison cover)
7. The Trials! (live on KZSU)
8. There is no Title, Only Zuul! (Lev Perry remix)
9. Mess with the Best, Undress like the Rest! (demo version)
10. Instrumental! (demo version)
11. Are you Guys Telling Jokes? I like Jokes! (demo version)
12. Welcome to Bloodtown, Population Buried! (demo version)

1. Make Me Believe
2. Breakfast of Champions
3. El Padre Macho
4. The Southern Comfort Smile
5. Sabado Gigante
6. Blackland Dirt
7. Hey Holmes, Slow Down
8. Naw, You Catch Up
9. The Hole In The Ship S.O.S.
10. Give Me Hell
11. Hit Me Up On My Celly Cell

1. Comadre - Camel Bucks
2. Comadre - The Best Snakes Bite Back
3. Comadre - Teeth Versus Teeth
4. Comadre - 60 Grit
5. Comadre - Crimes And Cadillacs
6. Trainwreck - Bared Teeth
7. Trainwreck - Home Sweet Home
8. Trainwreck - Living Like The Living Dead
9. Trainwreck - On Our Losses And Our Tears

7. Hector The Collector

1. Hamlets
2. Tannerisms
3. Viva Hate Pt. 1
4. Viva Hate Pt. 2
5. Word Is Bond
6. Grow Worms
7. King Jeremy
8. Suicides May Have Been Pact

12. Death And Taxes (Kid Dynamite cover)

1. Comadre - The Sweeter the Juice
2. Comadre - Byrne'in Down the Haus
3. Comadre - Count Basie Box Set
4. Comadre - "Living Differently?!"
5. Glasses - Tigers
6. Glasses - So Right
7. Glasses - Lydia

1. Intro
2. Good Night Sweet Prince (feat Dead To Me)
3. Hamlets Remix (feat P.O.S and Atlas)
4. Sleep is the Cousin of Death (feat Ghostlimb)
5. 18 Wheels (The Murder City Devils cover, feat Glasses and Trainwreck)
6. King Jeremy (feat Broadway Calls)

1. Intro
2. Comadre - Free Based
3. Loma Prieta - Trilogy 4
4. Daikon - It's Either Raining Or It's Not
5. Punch - Four Letters
6. Funeral Diner - Two More
7. Ghostlimb - Bearing Witness
8. Broadway Calls - Heartbreak In Portland's Living Room
9. Trainwreck - Crooked Rooms

1. Cold Rain
2. Too Much TV
3. Free Based

1. Color Blind
2. Cold Rain
3. King Worm
4. Summercide
5. The Moon
6. Drag Blood
7. Must Be Nice
8. Storyteller
9. Hack
10. Untitled
11. Binge
12. Date Night


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