Sunday, 11 January 2015

Posture & The Grizzly

Posture & The Grizzly are the sound of 20-something living, of empty Pabst cans and emptier bank accounts. The band's unique concoction is 40% Snowing, 21% The Front Bottoms, 19% blink-182, 12% The Hotelier, and 8% Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), which all equate to a 100% badass band. This punk/emo four-piece (though mainly consists of a fellow named "Jnasty") that formed in 2009 in Windham, Connecticut. They've only become fully active in the past two years or so, and have been working with Broken World Media (TWIABP, Old Gray, etc.) ever since. Call it bummer punk, emo, whatever, this shit is good. Enjoy.

1. Sister Charles Marie
2. Eggnog Drunk Off Of Hilary Duff's Piss
3. God's Drugs

1. No Brains
2. Because I Got High
3. Eggnog Drunk Off Of Hilary Duff's Piss
4. Sister Charles Marie
5. Modern Punk
6. You Know I Know What You Did Last Summer
7. God's Drugs
8. Jordan Michael's Space Jam

1. I Am Not A Real Doctor
2. Mandy
3. Kill Me

1. I Am Not A Real Doctor
2. Elliott
3. Mandy
4. Raspberry Heart
5. Shooting Sparks
6. The Undertow
7. Balloons As Hands
8. Acid Bomb
9. Delete Me
10. Star Children
11. Kill Me
12. I Am A Real Doctor


  1. Christians and Freemasons is such an amazing EP, everyone needs to hear it. Can't wait for the next full length

  2. Do capsize pleaseee

  3. Please post I am Satan. It's so good

  4. new album is out!!! please post!!!

  5. add their new album I Am Satan please!

  6. yes 4th vote for new album. please. your blog is awesome thank you!