Monday, 19 January 2015

Drug Church

Drug Church are a five-piece hardcore/alternative rock band from Albany, New York that formed in 2011. They feature Patrick Kindlon of End Of A Year/Self Defense Family on vocals, and also share members with Push-Pit, as well as SDF. The band is currently signed to No Sleep Records. Hardcore plays a much more prominent role in their music than SDF, with chugging guitar parts with a sound big enough to recall bands such as Quicksand. Kindlon's spits words in his aggressive and dramatic voice, with a bit of a snarl added. Lyrically, they stay as socially aware and satirical as SDF, just with that hardcore/punk edge and bite emphasized. Overall, Drug Church are an incredibly solid band with numerous solid efforts already released, all of which are worth a listen. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this one, and enjoy.

1. Visualize Latham
2. Scotia Snake God
3. Pro Attitude

1. Mohawk (ft. Jeremy of Touche Amore)
2. Northway
3. Latham Circle
4. Mohawk (ft. Chris of Cruel Hand)

1. Party At Dead Man's
2. Selling Drugs From Your Mom's Condo

1. Thinking About Joining Drug Church
2. Reading YouTube Comments
3. Clifton Country
4. Shopping For A Belt
5. Donny's Woods
6. Learning To Speak British
7. Attending A Cousin's Birthday Party
8. Deconstructing Snapcase
9. Thrill Hill
10. Riding The Bus To Schenectady

1. But Does It Work?
2. Mall SWAT
3. Work-Shy
4. Ghost Dad
5. Zero Zero

1. Banco Popular
2. Alesiter
3. Aging Jerk
4. Bagged
5. Drunk Tank
6. Green Like Me
7. Park And Ride And Park And Ride
8. Hit Your Head, Greedy
9. Then Try
10. Big And Shitty
11. What

1. Grubby
2. Strong References
3. Avoidarama
4. Dollar Story
5. Unlicensed Guidance Counselor
6. Weed Pin
7. Unlicensed Hall Monitor
8. Foam Pit
9. Conflict Minded
10. Tillary


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