Sunday, 18 January 2015


CityCop are a four-piece band from Ashtabula/Akron, Ohio, that formed in 2010. They are probably the most prominent (and maybe only) acoustic screamo band around. Yes, you read that right. Acoustic screamo. All the drum blasts and frantic guitars are still present, just done on an acoustic guitar instead. As you can imagine, it's a unique sound. The vocals are as one would expect from a modern screamo band, and CityCop find their sound fitting in with bands like The Saddest Landscape and Old Gray. However, CityCop certainly have some elements that differentiate them. For one, the vocals are sometimes sung, and sometimes spoken (in a Listener sort of way). The guitars also include some math rock-esque parts, often getting intricate in addition to melodic. In their short time, they've evolved a lot, and have become an incredibly solid and commendable force within their genre. Any fan of modern screamo or post-hardcore must have heard of them by now, since their name has been thrown around for so long, but only recently have they been getting a lot of attention very quickly, and for good reason. This is a band that I'm sure a ton of people who frequent this site would like, so do check them out. Enjoy.

1. X
2. Ode to Bula/Flight Lessons
3. Free Bird Part II
4. Humanity Is Sinking
5. Hink Hall
6. Go West
7. Transgressions
8. Hold Onto Your Seat, Syanne
9. White Roses
10. Street Kings

1. Bluebird
2. Spring
3. Summer
4. Fall
5. Winter

1. CityCop - Family Ties
2. CityCop - The Rain Song
3. CityCop - Hospital Beds
4. Les Doux - Silver Creek
5. Les Doux - Kingsbridge Blues
6. Les Doux - Stomaching Loss

1. This Is War, This Is Hell
2. Suburban Nightmare
3. Drench
4. Glass Bones
5. Fear and Self-Loathing in Ohio

1. The Golden Age of Concern
2. Ibuprofen
3. I Took The Ride
4. L'Ansia
5. I Could Have Stayed Longer
6. Soft Smile, Iron Teeth
7. Bad Trip
8. Homesick
9. Day of Rest
10. Cardinal
11. 526 Gage


  1. You're missing their demo, Gang Wars and the Cactus EP. But so am I so I can't complain.

  2. They're everything I've been missing in my life up until this moment


    New Citycop album. De rien