Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sore Eyelids

Sore Eyelids are a three-piece indie/punk/shoegaze band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band is known for sharing members with Suis La Lune, though their sounds are quite different. The beautifully melodic guitar tone is still present, though with a heavy shoegaze influence. There's a ton of reverb and distortion to create mass walls of sound, which is kind of a hybrid of punk and shoegaze. The energy of these songs is high, with each dripping in emotional catharsis courtesy of some pounding drums and frantic guitars with constant whammy dives.These are entwined with some quieter, melancholic parts, which seem to come in as fast as they go out. Each song is a frenzy of motion, spastically switching from one part to another, making for a gripping listen. The vocals are also sung in a deeper voice, and tend to stay low in the mix, droning with sorrow. This is band to check out if you're into the classics, such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Dinosaur Jr., The Pine (who they take their name from), etc., or modern bands like Suis La Lune, Pity Sex, Cloakroom. Enjoy.

1. Last Time
2. Can't Breath
3. Still, I'm Here
4. Whenever We Meet
5. Carpi 2007

1. I Wish I Could Believin' You
2. Can't Breathe
3. Over
4. Heart Like A Wishing Well
5. What's Left For Us Now?
6. Still, I'm Here
7. Du Har Glömt Mej
8. 365 Days Of Nothing
9. Carpi 2007
10. Depending On

1. Trachimbrod - I Am Jack's Wasted Life
2. Trachimbrod - Erect, Eyes Closed
3. Sore Eyelids - Next To Nothing
4. Sore Eyelids - Dissolve

1. Remain
2. Leaving
3. Apart
4. Waste
5. For Now
6. En Plats i Ditt Hjarta


  1. You guys should post hotel books or citycop , people would dig it :)