Thursday, 8 January 2015


Since this band gets a ton of requests, I figured the release of their new album should be reason enough to stop procrastinating and get a post on them up.

Turnstile are a five-piece hardcore/punk band from the Maryland/Washington area, that formed in 2010.  Along with bands such as Backtrack, Expire, Soul Search, and Rotting Out, Turnstile are a modern hardcore band taking tons of influence from NYHC bands such as Madball. Their intensity and relentless has pushed them through two EP's and a demo, all of which have gained a ton of attention, and tied together with a blistering live show. Their debut full-length carries on that legacy, and solidifies their position as a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy.

1. The Things You Do
2. The Dream
3. Death Grip

1. Death Grip
2. The Dream
3. New Rules
4. Pressure To Succeed
5. The Things You Do
6. Heavy Hand

1. Suburban Scum - Beaten From Birth
2. Backtrack - Boiled In My Blood
3. Turnstile - Figure It Out
4. Soul Search - Burning
5. King 9 - No Dreams

1. 7
2. Keep It Moving
3. Canned Heat
4. Pushing Me Away
5. Better Way
6. Snaked
7. Step To Rhythm

1. Gravity
2. Drop
3. Fazed Out
4. Can't Deny it
5. Bleach Temple
6. Bad Wave
7. Blue By You
8. Out Of Rage
9. Bring It Back
10. Addicted
11. Love Lasso
12. Stress

1. Real Thing
2. Big Smile
3. Generator
4. Bomb
5. I Don't Wanna Be Blind
6. High Pressure
7. (Lost Another) Piece Of My World
8. Can't Get Away
9. Moon
10. Come Back For More/H.O.Y.
11. Right To Be
12. Disco
13. Time & Space