Thursday, 12 April 2018


Antagonize are a newly-formed five-piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts. They are most notable for featuring Aaron Bedard (formerly of Bane) on vocals. They debuted a few days ago with a five-track demo recorded by Will Killingsworth. The band plays a heavy, metallic, noisy, and grinding brand of hardcore, with Aaron's battle cries coming off as strong as ever. This is undoubtedly a great debut for the band, who play their first show in early June. This is definitely a band to look out for, and a demo to fill your post-Bane fix with something fresh. Enjoy.

1. Headcount
2. Work Horse
3. Sunday Best
4. Blood Oath
5. Savior


  1. I'm not feeling the hype here. Its very generic. Never was a fan of bane thoigh

  2. Upload their new release Promo 2018