Sunday, 8 April 2018

Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan are a five-piece pop punk/emo band from Lansing, Michigan that have been around since 2014. They are currently signed to No Sleep Records. Their latest album, Pilot, has been gaining a lot of traction, thus I've been getting a ton of requests to post these guys. If you dig bands like The Wonder Years or Taking Back Sunday, this is definitely recommended. Enjoy.

1. 11 Second Blurp
2. Buy A Fire Extinguisher Before You Need A Fire Extinguisher
3. Visited Salmon, I Mean Transit Balcony
4. Buy A Fire Extinguisher Before You Need A Fire Extinguisher (Acoustic)

1. I Played Tony Hawk's Ride Once, And It Sucked
2. M.O.M.
3. Jimmy Neutron Had A Dog, So Why Can't I Have A Friend?
4. I'm Tuning To O-Positive

1. Everyone Leaves - Tired Life 
2. Everyone Leaves - Little One
3. Hot Mulligan - Shaylee, Shanel
4. Hot Mulligan - Legen

1. If You Had Spun Out In Your Oldsmobile, This Probably Wouldn't Have Happened
2. The Hammer Guy Is At It Again
3. Wait For It
4. Dary
5. Something About A Bunch of Dead Dogs
6. I Replied To Tyler With Three Blue Cars
7. Deluxe Capacitor (Acoustic)

1. Deluxe Capacitor
2. All You Wanted By Michelle Branch
3. I Hate the Gooey Disk
4. The Soundtrack To Missing a Slam Dunk
5. Pluto Was Never Really a Planet Either Even
6. Wes Dault Can’t Find the Madison Falcon
7. *whispers* Thank You
8. Good Ol’ Mr. Rags
9. Scream Mountain
10. How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?
11. There Was a Semi Fight On I-69


  1. Can you upload I fell inlove with princess peach? Thank you!

  2. Can you upload the new album SYG year please?