Thursday, 5 April 2018


Guyver-One were a hardcore/screamo band from San Diego, California that lasted for a very short time, possibly only between 1996 and 1997. They released a one 7" and one 12" during this period. Their sole EP is incredibly raw and chaotic, and pre-dates the sound that bands like pg.99 and Orchid would champion in just a few years to come. Their LP is slightly more experimental, with some mellowed-out interludes in the mix. This band is definitely underrated, and one of many phenomenal offerings San Diego had in the decade's underground. In 2008, the band released their full discography on Bandcamp (now taken down), which includes both formal releases, as well as alternate versions of some songs and a compilation-only track. Enjoy.

1. Blurden
2. ø
3. O.K. Bye
4. The Problem With Teenagers Today
5. Goodtimes

1. In Close
2. Psychic Space (Sanguine Fluid)
3. My Own Movie
4. Rickets Shingles
5. Nine Pints
6. Like You
7. The Mission
8. The Ex-Whore-Schism Of Reverend Mcbride

1. Zero (version 1)
2. Nine Pints (version 1)
3. Blurden
4. Zero (version 2)
5. O.K. Bye
6. The Problems with Teenagers Today
7. Goodtimes
8. In Close
9. Psychic Space
10. My Own Movie
11. Rickets Shingles
12. Nine Pints (version 2)
13. Like You
14. The Mission
15. The Ex-Whore-Schism Of Reverend Mcbride

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