Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Algae Bloom

Algae Bloom are a two-piece screamo/emo band from Norwich, UK that have been around since 2014. You may recognize from the incredible split they put out with Foxtails last month, and since their back catalogue is just as good, I figured I'd feature it all here. They play a fantastic blend of math-y midwestern emo and screamo, with relatively clean and melodic guitar work, but absolutely throat-shredding vocals akin to the most violent of screamo bands. This combination makes them a must-listen for fans of Merchant Ships and other bands associated with that sound. Algae Bloom have such a captivating energy to them, paired with solid songs and musicianship. Highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Bed Springs (Demo)
2. I'm Not Strange (Demo)
3. Ground In My Mouth (Demo)

1. The Pull Of Thoughts At Dawn
2. Bed Springs
3. I'm Not Strange
4. Ground In My Mouth
5. Osmosis Jones
6. My Most Fragile Self
7. Codicil (Getting Better)

1. Algae Bloom - untitled. (demo)
2. Algae Bloom - This Isn't The Tenka-Ichi Budokai (I Hate Myself cover)
3. Cop Graveyard - Staying Upright
4. Cop Graveyard - The Hole Inside You
5. Cop Graveyard - Balloon (Ernest Street House)

1. A Fanfare
2. Lists/Leaves
3. Safer Scene
4. Thorns
5. "Existenial Crisis" As A Wave Machine Setting (Interlude)
6. untitled.
7. We Met Upon The Level
8. We Part Upon The Square
9. (;⌣̀_⌣́)

1. I Hate Sex - This Floating World
2. Black Knight Satellite - Unrequited Love! The North Pole Aurora
3. Black Knight Satellite - Nü Jersey
4. Algae Bloom - A Weight in Space

16. Just Down The Hall From Room 526 (Jeromes Dream cover)

Note: Full comp here

1. Algae Bloom - Tedious & Brief
2. Good Times - Reticent
3. Solanas - Bleakest Jazz
4. You'll Live - Still Feel The Same

1. foxtails - To Kitty, Love Bunny
2. foxtails - Cucaracho
3. algae bloom - How Are You?
4. algae bloom - Life In Brio
5. algae bloom - If I Was To Talk Meaningfully With My Friends
6. algae bloom - Understanding In Negative

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  1. big up Norwich. Can't believe I've never heard of these before though