Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mortality Rate

Mortality Rate are a five-piece hardcore band from Calgary, Alberta that have been around since 2014. Thus far, they've put out an EP and a split, and hopefully have a ton of great things coming in the near future. Sonically, they're obviously very aggressive and abrasive, and feature some assaultive vocals. To give a broad umbrella of references to their sound, you might dig them if you like bands like Year Of The Knife, Jesus Piece, Expire, Cruel Hand, and Punch, or dig the Entombed/HM-2 guitar tone, or if an always fast-paced Disembodied sounds appealing. Their discography is relatively small, so it doesn't hurt to check it all out yourself (the EP, in particular). This is solid Canadian hardcore, you can't go wrong. Enjoy.

1. Snake Charmer

1. Sleep Deprivation
2. Sandman
3. Temple
4. Chapter Six
5. Plaster
6. Beautiful Mouth (ft Melanie Boccabella)
7. Climate Change
8. Nerve Damage

1. Mortality Rate - Forms Of Fear
2. Mortality Rate - Veins
3. Mortality Rate - Lucid
4. Judiciary - Reign Of Turmoil
5. Judiciary - Pure Fury
6. Judiciary - Overthrone

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  1. Hell Yeah! I love this band. So good, so good live also!
    Please do 7 Seconds, since they recently broke up