Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Gulfer are a four-piece emo/math rock band from Montreal, Quebec that formed in 2011. In keeping with the recent trend of sharing fantastic new emo records on here, Dog Bless could not go unmentioned. This is their sophomore album, and was released by Topshelf, Big Scary Monsters, and Friend Of Mine. It's a half-hour of guttural vocals, technical guitar work, and a raw punk energy. This will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air for fans of bands like You Blew It!, Prawn, and I Kill Giants, or any classic revival band really. Definitely recommended. Enjoy.

1. Pink Kong
2. Hulk Logan
3. Willow Fight

Note: Gulfer tracks only

1. Ten Souls
2. Tiki Marathon
3. Bauer Ranger
4. Jurassic Spark
5. Shoreline

1. M.C. Groggy
2. Shrimp Charade

1. Del Paxton - Paline
2. Del Paxton - Bad Batch
3. Gulfer - F'real For Real
4. Gulfer - Bob Abate

1. Bloody Lookin'
2. Getting Hit By Parked Cars
3. Most Of My Time
4. Post-Molly
5. Trim It Short
6. Altalalaval
7. Almost Sterling

1. Secret Stuff
2. Doglife
3. Fading
4. Blessed, pt. 1
5. Baseball
6. Be Father
7. Babyshoe
8. Blessed, pt. 2
9. Judy Froster
10. Florida
11. We've All Done Wrong
12. Blessed, pt. 3

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