Monday, 25 January 2016

My Fictions

Here's one that's long overdue. My Fictions are a four-piece melodic hardcore/screamo band from Boston, Massachusetts that started in 2010. Their first release was a split with Aviator (who are now on No Sleep Records). After a string of astounding EP's and signing to Topshelf, they put out a fantastic collaborative split with The Saddest Landscape in 2013. Their follow-up to that was Stranger Songs, which was unbelievably good for a debut LP, and definitely put My Fictions on the map very fast. They came out with a very dark and moody take on melodic hardcore, with very heavy, grinding moments giving way to sinister, melodic instrumental breaks to balance out the relentless assaults. Their passion and animal-in-cage vocals even edge them into screamo territory, thus their appeal to many across the hardcore/screamo spectrum. Fans of bands like Birds In Row, Defeater, We Were Skeletons, The Saddest Landscape definitely need to have My Fictions on their radar. If dark, aggressive, impassioned music is your thing, this is the perfect band to try. Enjoy.

1. Aviator - I'm Sick Of Standing In The Same Place
2. Aviator - The Definition Of A Dead End
3. My Fictions - Kept Myself Awake
4. My Fictions - Dreamt Myself an Architect Built Myself Some Walls

1. Merrill & The Lucinda

1. Same Grave
2. Machinery
3. I Am An Ornament
4. Fortune Teller
5. Torch

1. A Recurring Dream
2. Coffin Rehearsal
3. Always Trapped

1. My Fictions - You Never Stay
2. The Saddest Landscape - Loss Will Find Us
3. Saddest Landscape & My Fictions - When You Are Close, I Am Gone 

1. Mt. Misery
2. Postcard
3. Lower (A Selfish Song)
4. Airport Song
5. Concern
6. Wake Anxious
7. Stubborn
8. Parking Lot
9. Contrition
10. Strangers

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