Saturday, 23 January 2016


Faith (sometimes The Faith) were a four-piece (and later five-piece) hardcore/punk band from Washington, D.C. that were active from 1981 to 1983. They were one of the most well-known bands in early hardcore, and have been massively influential since. They really made themselves stand out by incorporating a lot more melodic aspects in their music, particularly with the guitar riffs and vocals. They are best known for taking up the first side of the Faith/Void split. As I said in the Void post, this split is perfection, with both bands knocking out 12 songs each that are incredible in their own separate ways. Faith in particular offer up a different style of hardcore from their earliest peers, such as Teen Idles and State Of Alert (who some members were in), and marks the transition from those to the bands that came after them, like Rites Of Spring, Dag Nasty, and Embrace (who also shared members with Faith). They made statements as poignant as any of their peers, but managed to still push the envelope in terms of sound, and allow for more melody and vulnerability to exist alongside the typical macho-aggression hardcore was becoming notorious for.

As previously mentioned, Faith is quite notable for its members. They were fronted by Alec MacKaye, who was the younger brother of Ian MacKaye. Prior to Faith, he was in the Untouchables, who had three songs on Flex Your Head. Sonic Youth also covered their song "Nic Fit" on Goo. After Faith, he sang in the Revolution Summer-era band Ignition (along with Faith's Chris Bald), and then The Warmers in the 90's. Michael Hampton and Ivor Hansen played guitar and drums in the early hardcore band State Of Alert, which also included a pre-Black Flag Henry Rollins, then known as Henry Garfield. Hampton, Hansen, and Chris Bald all would later play in Embrace, which was fronted by Ian MacKaye. Hampton also was a member of One Last Wish, along with members of Rites Of Spring. On that note, guitarist Eddie Janney joined Faith for their sole EP Subject To Change. Janney was a member of Rites Of Spring, One Last Wish along with Hampton, as well as Happy Go Licky. Basically, Faith housed a ton of amazing musicians who were active in a ton of other amazing projects. But regardless of those, the work that Faith did still stands so well on its own, and continues to even 30 years after the fact. Enjoy.

1. You're X'd
2. Don't Tell Me
3. In The Black
4. In Control
5. It's Time
6. Another Victim
7. Nightmare
8. Trapped
9. No Choice
10. Confusion Is The End
11. What's Wrong With Me

1. Faith - It's Time
2. Faith - Face To Face
3. Faith - Trapped
4. Faith - In Control
5. Faith - Another Victim
6. Faith - What's Wrong With Me?
7. Faith - What You Think
8. Faith - Confusion
9. Faith - You're X'd
10. Faith - Nightmare
11. Faith - Don't Tell Me
12. Faith - In The Black
13. Void - Who Are You?
14. Void - Time To Die
15. Void - Condensed Flesh
16. Void - Ignorant People
17. Void - Change Places
18. Void - Ask Them Why
19. Void - Organized Sports
20. Void - My Rules
21. Void - Self-Defense
22. Void - War Hero
23. Void - Think
24. Void - Explode

1. Aware
2. Say No More
3. Limitations
4. No Choice
5. Untitled
6. Subject To Change
7. More Of The Same
8. Slowdown