Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I got an e-mail requesting another band with the same name a while back, which reminded me of them, and I just had to get them on here since these guys rip. I saw them a few years back with Code Orange Kids and Full Of Hell, and they were nothing short of astounding. Creeper were a five-piece hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario that lasted from 2009 to 2014. They managed to get a few EP's and such under their belt. They play a really sludgy, riff-based brand of hardcore that can maybe warrant comparisons to Graf Orlock or Burning Love or something in between those, with really visceral vocals. Creeper are a solid band all around, though their best material is probably the Canyons split and Noise II Men. They've got a small discography though, so it's definitely worth giving everything a listen. Enjoy.

1. Drones
2. Brannigan
3. Bottom Out
4. Heaving

1. Get A Grip (a)
2. Sucker (b)
3. Deadbeat (b)

2. Ballast
3. Commodity

Note: Full split here

18. Chronic Letdown

Note: Full comp here

1. Mother
2. Half Lit Life
3. Privileged
4. Drag
5. Trunk Buffet

1. (Your Body Is A) Garbage Bag
2. F.T.P.
3. Cattle Car
4. Numbskull


  1. Have you checked out the English band called Creeper? If you like AFI, Alkaline Trio and early My Chemical Romance you'd love them. They're worth checking out.


  2. great shares, great blog, big thanks!

  3. Does anyone have a link to the UK creeper? Would love to get their releases

  4. You should post some of the UK band Creeper, they're amazing