Friday, 22 January 2016


Void were a four-piece hardcore/punk/thrash band from Washington, D.C. They formed in 1980 and broke up in 1983, which was a surprisingly long life span for a band in D.C. at the time. Despite their years together, they only put out one album, which was the second half of the now legendary Faith/Void split. This could very well be the single greatest split ever to be released in punk, and that's not a hyperbolic statement. Both bands broke ground in early hardcore, but in very different ways. Faith, on one hand, took unabridged aggression and turned it into something somewhat resembling melody, while still mastering the drill-sergeant command of their contemporaries. Void, on the other hand, took spastic chaos and just fucking ran with it. Hook up a bunch of kids barely out of their teens to a car battery, shock them into oblivion, and you'll have the equivalent amount of adrenaline that Void put into their music. Even from the first riff of "Who Are You", it's obvious this is a band that can barely be contained. Their music was so trashed, they basically pioneered thrash (metal, and groan away at the pun). Void's side of the split is, in my opinion, one of the most defining moments in hardcore history (as is Faith's, of course).

As I said, Void's legacy was built upon just the 12 songs on the split for a long time. They also had 3 other songs about on Flex Your Head, but that was about it for their officially released material. For a long time, that contributed to the band's mystery. They did have bootlegs circulated, but none every received proper mastering and widespread release. In the advent of the internet, however, this changed, of course. The curtains pulled back, but at least we get to hear some of the hallowed unreleased material that hid below the surface for years. Their fully recorded but unreleased full-length, Potion For Bad Dreams, as well as an early demo, Condensed Flesh, are both available online (as well as here). In 2011, Ian MacKaye compiled a ton of lost recordings of them, including early demos spanning from '81, '82', and '83, as well as some live material and the songs that appeared on the Flex Your Head compilation. Thus, their only other official release, Sessions 1981-83 was born. There's also a ton of live videos and sets from them around the internet, and I cannot recommend checking them out enough, they are unbelievable. Without further ado, here's what made the legendary Void what they are. Enjoy.

1. Faith - It's Time
2. Faith - Face To Face
3. Faith - Trapped
4. Faith - In Control
5. Faith - Another Victim
6. Faith - What's Wrong With Me?
7. Faith - What You Think
8. Faith - Confusion
9. Faith - You're X'd
10. Faith - Nightmare
11. Faith - Don't Tell Me
12. Faith - In The Black
13. Void - Who Are You?
14. Void - Time To Die
15. Void - Condensed Flesh
16. Void - Ignorant People
17. Void - Change Places
18. Void - Ask Them Why
19. Void - Organized Sports
20. Void - My Rules
21. Void - Self-Defense
22. Void - War Hero
23. Void - Think
24. Void - Explode

1. Unknown
2. Bloodlust
3. Next Time
4. Breakaway
5. Red Death
6. The Difference
7. Beautiful Yet Dangerous
8. Win Or Lose
9. Spiral Staircase
10. Start The Night
11. Lose My Cool

1. Organized Sports/Annoyed
2. Controller/Revolt
3. Condensed Flesh
4. Black, Jewish & Poor
5. War Hero
6. Get Out Of My Way
7. Go South

1. Void
2. War Hero (version)
3. Go South
4. Condensed Flesh (version)
5. Controller Revolt
6. Dehumanized (version)
7. Suburbs Suck
8. Organized Sports/Who The Fuck Are You
9. Annoyed
10. Don't Wanna Be Like You
11. Black, Jewish and Poor (version)
12. Please Give Us A Chance
13. Protect and Serve
14. Time To Die
15. Self-Defense
16. Draft Me Please
17. Authority (version)
18. All White Neighbourhood
19. Halfways Boys
20. Wasted Party
21. Dehumanized (version)
22. Authority (version)
23. My Rules (version)
24. Get Out Of My Way
25. Condensed Flesh (version)
26. Organized Sports/Annoyed
27. Controller/Revolt (version)
28. Black, Jewish And Poor (version)
29. War Hero (version)
30. Go South (version)
31. Dehumanized (version)
32. Get Out Of My Way (version)
33. Explode (live)
34. My Rules (live)  


  1. thanks, I read a a few years ago a member of this band died. I cant remember details but this made me want to research it again. thanks.

  2. Thanks a lot! The Hope Conspiracy disco would be great as well!

  3. Cheers, Impulse manslaughter discography would be nice also