Thursday, 14 January 2016

Julia Brown

Julia Brown were an indie/pop/lo-fi band from Baltimore, Maryland that were around between 2013 and 2014. After Teen Suicide broke up, virtually all of their members formed Julia Brown, until Teen Suicide re-formed. The two bands are pretty similar, in that they're both the brainchild of Sam Ray (also of Ricky Eat Acid and Starry Cat), though Julia Brown does away with a lot of the overtly depressing aspects of Teen Suicide in favour of straight-forward pop songs. Albeit, the same lo-fi, tape hiss aesthetic is still omnipresent.

Their discography is interesting, in that it really only contains two albums, though they each were released twice on separate occasions. Their debut, to be close to you was initially released in 2013 by Birdtapes with just 8 songs. In 2015 it was reissued by Joy Void with another side of demos and b-sides, in addition to the original 8 tracks. Their follow-up, An Abundance Of Strawberries was original self-released in 2014, but recently was released by Joy Void (in 2016). They also released a single for "Library", which featured two re-recorded Julia Brown songs, as well as a Teen Suicide cover. These 3 songs are some of the cleanest in terms of production, which makes that single really stand out. They also had a track appear on Topshelf's V-Day split in 2013, which I did not include a download link for because the proceeds for it go to a good cause, just read the blurb in the Bandcamp link. Anyway, here's Julia Brown's small but incredibly solid discography. Enjoy.

1. The Hundred Acre Woods - Base Of My Heart
2. Julia Brown - Nobody
3. Modern Baseball - Phone Tag
4. Old Gray - With Hands Like These

1. falling in love with you
2. library
3. how i spent my summer
4. i will do this for the rest of my life
5. may 21
6. i was my own favorite tv show the summer my tv broke
7. virginia
8. to be close to you
9. dizzy
10. fall for me
11. 2008 (demo)
12. virginia (demo)
13. to be close to you (demo)
14. i will do this for the rest of my life (demo)
15. tape_collage(dec5)
16. tears
17. theres always xanax

1. Library
2. I Wanna Be A Witch
3. The Way You Want

1. An Abundance Of Strawberries
2. Snow Day
3. All Alone In Bed
4. 25 Days (May 15)
5. Without You (Full)
6. Abby's Song
7. You Can Always Hear Birds
8. The Way You Want
9. Loved
10. The Body Descends
11. Possession (Full)
12. Closing (On A Roof)
13. Bloom


  1. 4-way v-day split costs money now

  2. I think that Julia Brown is still really sad like Teen suicide, but maybe it's less dramatic

  3. does anyone have the split