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Here's the perfect band to start off a jet black new year. They've been consistently requested over the years, which makes sense considering the massive amount of influence they've have on some bands on here, while still being a very well-known band in their own right.

Thursday were a six-piece post-hardcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that formed in 1997 and came to an end in 2011. They emerged just as popular post-hardcore/emo/alternative acts such as Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and Alexisonfire hit it big in the early 2000's, a wave they became front-runners of very quickly. After releasing their debut album Waiting in 1999, their breakthrough album came in 2001 with Full Collapse, which spawned a ton of songs that have become staples of the band, such as "Understanding In A Car Crash", "Cross Out The Eyes", "Paris In Flames", and "Standing On The Edge Of Summer". They continued this success on their follow-up War All The Time, which was their heaviest material to date. It also showed a glimpse of them becoming the overtly political force they later would, in addition to the deeply personal lyrics they had gotten their start with. A City By The Light Divided showcased a band continue to experiment, but with a lot more melody this time around. On Common Existence they again did a double-take and released some of their most aggressive and straight-forward material. Their sixth and final album No Devolución broke apart from their origins by including tons of atmospheric and post-rock influence, which isn't surprising considering their collaboration with Envy a few years later and a staggering Sigur Rós cover even earlier on in their career.

As aforementioned, Thursday took a break in 2011. Their hiatus was officially declared as a breakup in 2013, though the band's future is still in the air. Vocalist Geoff Rickly remains quite active, most notably as a member of United Nations, who got their start in the middle of Thursday's career. He also started another band called No Devotion, which released their debut album last year. Regardless, it's Thursday's legacy we're talking about here, so below is their discography. Let me know if you have anything I'm missing by them, and enjoy.

1. Ian Curtis
2. Porcelain
3. This Side of Brightness
4. Wind-Up
5. Dying In New Brunswick
6. Mass As Shadows

1. Porcelain
2. This Side Of Brightness
3. Ian Curtis
4. Introduction
5. Streaks In The Sky
6. In Transmission
7. Dying In New Brunswick
8. The Dotted Line
9. Where The Circle Ends

1. A0001
2. Understanding In A Car Crash
3. Concealer
4. Autobiography Of A Nation
5. A Hole In The World
6. Cross Out The Eyes
7. Paris in Flames
8. I Am The Killer
9. Standing On The Edge of Summer
10. Wind-Up
11. How Long Is The Night?

1. Autobiography Of A Nation (Live)
2. Understanding In A Car Crash (Live)
3. Standing On The Edge of Summer (Live)
4. Paris In Flames (Live)
5. Jet Black New Year

1. For The Workforce, Drowning
2. Between Rupture and Rapture
3. Division St.
4. Signals Over The Air
5. Marches And Maneuvers
6. Asleep In The Chapel
7. This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb
8. Steps Ascending
9. War All The Time
10. M. Shepard
11. Tomorrow I'll Be You
12. Ný Batterí (Sigur Rós cover) [Japanese Bonus Track]

12. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) [The Buzzcocks cover]

1. The Other Side Of The Crash/Over And Out (Of Control)
2. Counting 5-4-3-2-1
3. Sugar In The Sacrament
4. At This Velocity
5. We Will Overcome
6. Arc-Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower Of White (The Light)
7. Running From The Rain
8. Telegraph Avenue Kiss
9. The Lovesong Writer
10. Into The Blinding Light
11. Autumn Leaves Revisited

1. Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother, The Failure
2. Dead Songs
3. Voices On A String
4. Signals Over The Air (Live At Starland Ballroom)
5. How Long Is The Night (Original Intro)
6. A Sketch For Time's Arrow
7. Panic On The Streets Of Health Care City
8. The Roar Of Far Off Black Jets
9. Paris In Flames (Demo)
10. Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Rich Costey Mix)
11. Wind Up (Demo)
12. Music From Kill The House Lights (Demo)

1. Thursday - As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
2. Thursday - In Silence
3. Thursday - An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace
4. Thursday - Appeared And Was Gone
5. Envy - An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction
6. Envy - Isolation Of A Light Source
7. Envy - Pure Birth And Loneliness

1. Resuscitation Of A Dead Man
2. Last Call
3. As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
4. Friends In The Armed Forces
5. Beyond The Visible Spectrum
6. Times Arrow
7. Unintended Long Term Effects
8. Circuits Of Fever
9. Subway Funeral
10. Love Has Led Us Astray
11. You Were The Cancer

1. Fast To The End
2. No Answers
3. A Darker Forest
4. Sparks Against The Sun
5. Open Quotes
6. Past And Future Ruins
7. Magnets Caught in A Metal Heart
8. Empty Glass
9. A Gun In The First Act
10. Millimeter
11. Turnpike Divides
12. Stay True

4. Rape Me (Nirvana cover)

Note: Full comp here


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm new to this band and loved it! You are the Best!!

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  5. Incredible stuff, thank you for posting the Thursday discography. Absolutely made my week.

  6. This is the best site ever! Thank you very much for all the work. And if somehow it is possible to promote an album from my band, is it possible to have it here? (Well or at least to have your appreciation?)--- You rule!

  7. I've got tons of Thursday not on this list, I'll try to get around to uploading it! By the way, THURSDAY IS BACK!

    1. Please do! I can't find the Common Existence B-Sides anywhere, as well as those few songs that someone compiled onto the Doves CD (I think?).
      God, I'm so glad that we'll get another Thurday record. No Devolucion is a masterpiece.

    2. I've got a bunch of stuff too! Lets trade? My email is jim at endlessbummerrecords dot com

  8. I've got some random demos and stuff that aren't here, mostly stuff from between War All the Time and A City By the Light Divided. I'll see if I can get around to uploading them and post 'em here when I do. If it were any other band I'd be hesitant, but having met them before a LONG time ago, Geoff told fifteen-year-old me after a show to download and share all of their music forever because they want us to have it more than they want our money, and I intend to keep that pact.

    1. If you have those A City By the Light Divided leaked demos please upload them. I used to have them back in the day but now it is nearly impossible to find them