Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Camera Shy

Camera Shy are a two-piece dream pop/indie rock band from Oakland, California that formed in 2014. They got started by Nick Bassett, who was already known as being a member of Whirr, Nothing, Death of Lovers, and a former member of Deafheaven. The other half of Camera Shy is Alexandra Morte, who used to sing in Whirr.

Their songs are, as you could probably guess by the phrase "dream pop", very light and dreamy. The heavy shoegaze influence of Whirr isn't really notable here. Instead, most songs are just an acoustic guitar, quiet vocals, and a hell of a lot of reverb. Their debut full-length expands on that basic structure to include drums, piano, and electric guitar that has a Smiths-esque jangly sound to it.

Music aside, I have to mention that they used to work with Run For Cover (as do Whirr), but were disowned by the label after Bassett posted a few negative comments were made towards the band G.L.O.S.S., which you can look into if you want. They were already notorious for sayings stupid shit online, but that was the breaking point. I'm not supporting this by sharing this band, just providing a way for people who want to hear their music to listen to it. They're a decent band, so if subtle indie pop songs are your thing, then give 'er a listen. Enjoy.

1. Secret Word
2. Come Around
3. Spin Me
4. Over And Over
5. After Hours

1. Crystal Clear
2. Deep Blue
3. She (Misfits cover)

1. Remember
2. Your Only One
3. Colors Radiate
4. Glowing
5. New Something
6. Underwater Days
7. Take Your Time
8. Seemingly Ill


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