Monday, 29 December 2014

Old Man Gloom

Old Man Gloom are a four-piece sludge metal/ambient/post-metal/hardcore band originally from Sante Fe, New Mexico, but are now active in Boston, Massachusetts. The band formed in 1999, and is comprised of members from other very notable bands, particularly Aaron Turner (Isis), Nate Newton (Converge), Caleb Scofield (Cave In), as well as Santos Montano on drums. They were active in the early 2000's, put took a long hiatus to focus on their main projects. They returned for 2012's No, and released an amazing set of albums all titled The Ape Of God in 2014. They don't play live often, though based on live sets online, they seem like an incredible act. Besides that, they've released a slew of albums that we do have to enjoy. The Ape Of God and Christmas are personally my two favourites, though everything they've done is so intriguing and burgeoning. Old Man Gloom will definitely arouse your interest if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands, or if you simply appreciate bands that are pushing limits and experimenting with music, especially within more extreme/heavy genres. Enjoy.

1. Afraid Of
2. Flood I
3. Simian Alien Technology: Message Received
4. Sonic Wave Of Bees
5. Sonar Enlightenment Program
6. Rotten Primate
7. The Exploder Whale
8. Poisoner
9. An Evening At The Gentleman's Club For Apes
10. Vipers
11. Test Result: Alien Ape Distress Signal
12. Flood II
13. Resolving The De-Evolution Conflict
14. Scraps Theatre Presents: Confusion in Five Minutes

1. Brain Returns To Initial State
2. Bells Dark Above Our Head
3, Branch Breaker
4. Radio Crackles Spill Down My Face
5. Hot Salvation
6. Breath Drops In And Out Of Glass
7. Rape Athena
8. Roar Of The Forest Rose To Thunder
9. Clenched Tight In The Fist Of God
10. Only Dogs Hear (Here)
11. Jaws Of The Lion
12. Smoke Out Loud
13. Deserts In Your Eyes
14. Meditations In B Part V & VI
15. Cinder Of The Simian Psyche 
16. Three Ring Ocean Sideshow
17. Madied (Self: Reborn)

1. Zozobra

1. Christmas Eve Part I
2. A.L.F. Makes Accident, Or The Slow Advance Of Now Liberated, But Virally Contagious Chimps
3. Skull Of Geronimo (Feat. The Vocal Stylings Of James Randall)
4. Masami's Music Box 1
5. Branch Breaker (Live In NYC)
6. Masami's Music Box 2
7. Christmas Eve Part II
8. Gratuitous Bonus Track Made By Sensible Musicians Doing Questionable Things  

1. Gift
2. Skullstorm
3. Something For The Mrs.
4. Sleeping With Snakes
5. Lukeness Monster
6. 'Tis Better To Receive
7. Accord-O-Matic
8. The Volcano
9. Close Your Eyes, Roll Back Into Your Head
10. Girth And Greed
11. Sonic Dust
12. Valhalla
13. Christmas Eve parts I, II, & III (alt. version)

1. Grand Inversion
2. Common Species
3. Regain / Rejoin
4. To Carry The Flame
5. The Forking Path
6. Shadowed Hand
7. Rats
8. Crescent
9. Shuddering Earth

1. Eden's Gates
2. Promise
3. Shoulder Meat
4. Fist Of Fury
5. Simia Dei
6. The Lash
7. Never Enter
8. After You're Dead

1. Burden
2. Predators
3. A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon The World
4. Arrows To Our Hearts

1. Fist Of Fury
2. The Lash
3. Predators
4. Shoulder Meat
5. Simia Dei
6. Never Enter
7. Promise
8. Arrows To Our Hearts

Note: The "Promo Version" was initially released for music reviewers, since it would be leaked through them. The real albums came after, and are technically two different albums under the same name and artwork. This was done as a way of adding to the surprise of a new release in the era of online music, in which new and surprising forms of release are scarce.


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