Saturday, 13 December 2014

Slow Bloom

Slow Bloom are a four-piece punk/post-hardcore band from Santa Rosa, California. They just released their debut self-titled EP, which is a seminal piece of work. Slow Bloom have garnered a lot of immediate attention since most of their members also play in State Faults (who you should also definitely check out if you haven't already). However, the minute you hear Slow Bloom, that relationship can easily be forgotten, since they immediately stand out as their own entity. For one, Slow Bloom have got ENERGY. The first track, "Teeth Marks" features a blistering riff, with vocals being shouted with such punk grit, but somehow come off as catchy. The band makes full use of dissonant chords as well, harkening back to post-hardcore greats At The Drive-In. The next two songs continue to punch out this formula, without getting repetitive. The band also incorporates tonalities from atmospheric/gothic post-punk, making them sound like a cross between Self Defense Family and Creative Adult, while still retaining an unmistakable originality. Overall, Slow Bloom manage to knock out three absolutely stellar tracks, which make me look forward to what they have to do next. This is a great punk EP, which is such a simple thing to say, but also a massive compliment, since too many bands settle on being derivative instead of trailblazing down their own path, which is exactly what Slow Bloom does here. Enjoy.

1. Teeth Marks
2. Heaven
3. Deep Space

1. Teeth Marks
2. Final Heaven
3. Vermiforms
4. Phantom Tantrum
5. Obscura Vision
6. Deep Space

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