Sunday, 21 December 2014

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals are a pop punk/melodic hardcore band from San Francisco, California that formed in 2004. Since 2012/2013, they've been on a break. Prior to that, Set Your Goals released three albums that have solidified their position as being one of the most noteworthy bands in pop punk, and for good reason. They perfectly capture energy and melody, with a pounding instrumental section and two vocalists. SYG's blend of pop punk and melodic hardcore would pave the way for bands such as Such Gold to carry the torch. This is a band that anyone within this realm of music has to hear, so here they are. Thanks a lot to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post, and enjoy.

1. Reset
2. How 'Bout No, Scott?
3. Goonies Never Say Die!
4. Sharptooth
5. Latch Key
6. Do You Still Hate Me? (Jawbreaker cover)

1. The Steal - The Steal
2. The Steal - Long Long Song Titles Are So Two Thousand And One
3. The Steal - That Fucking Hurt
4. Set Your Goals - Goonies Never Say Die!
5. Set Your Goals - How 'bout No, Scott?
6. Set Your Goals - Latch Key

1. Work In Progress
2. We Do It For The Money Obviously
3. Dead Men Tell No Tales
4. Mutiny
5. This Song Is Definitely Not About A Girl
6. An Old Book Misread
7. This Very Moment
8. Flight Of The Navigator
9. To Be Continued
10. Don't Let This Win Over You
11. Echoes
12. Forgotten (Gorilla Biscuits cover)

1. We Do It For The Money Obviously!
2. Last Straw Interlude
3. This Very Moment
4. Flight Of The Navigator
5. Echoes

1. Message In A Bottle (The Police cover)

1. This Will Be The Death Of Us
2. With Hoffman Lenses We Will See The Truth
3. Look Closer
4. Summer Jam
5. Like You To Me
6. The Fallen...
7. The Few That Remain
8. Equals
9. Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)
10. Flawed Methods Of Persecution & Punishment
11. Arrival Notes
12. Our Ethos: A Legacy To Pass On

1. Cure For Apathy
2. Start The Reactor
3. Certain
4. Happy New Year
5. London Heathrow
6. Trenches
7. The Last American Virgin
8. Exit Summer
9. Unconditional
10. Product Of The 80's
11. Raphael
12. Illuminated Youth
13. Not As Bad

1. Only Right Now
2. I'll Walk It Off

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  1. The "Reset" Demo 10 Year Anniversary Edition