Monday, 22 December 2014

Twitching Tongues

If nothing else, Twitching Tongues are certainly a unique band within modern hardcore. This five-piece band formed in 2010, and hail from Los Angeles, California. They've worked their way about to being a name on everyone's tongues, for better or for worse. They lean towards the more metal side of hardcore, featuring vocals that sound more Ozzy Osbourne than Jacob Bannon, and the instrumental side recalls Type O Negative, with a hint of more traditional hardcore bands such as Agnostic Front. Twitching Tongues is a name to look out for, and to check their already-existing arsenal of material. Whether their sound appeals to you or not, Twitching Tongues are a band doing something different, which is always commendable for a band within hardcore to do. Also, I don't have their splits, but all those songs appear somewhere else below. A big thank you to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post, and enjoy.

1. Razor's Edge
2. No Gold
3. Loveless Nightmare

1. Insane & Inhumane
2. Voluntary Confinement
3. Razor's Edge
4. No Gold
5. Loveless Nightmare
6. Forever My Queen

1. Gravitational Constant_ G = 6.67 X 10^-8 Cm^3 Gm^-1 Sec^-2 (Type O Negative)

1. I Fell From Grace Feet First
2. Insane & Inhumane
3. Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle)
4. Distance Clause
5. Sleep Therapy
6. Voluntary Confinement
7. Arm in Armageddon Part I: Freezing
8. Arm in Armageddon Part II: The Peril of Our Season

1. Preacher Man
2. Feed Your Disease
3. At The Gallows End (Candlemass cover)

2. Equal Opportunity Destroyers

1. Eyes Adjust
2. In Love There Is Now Law
3. World War V
4. Good Luck...
5. Preacher Man
6. Deliver Us To Evil
7. Departure
8. Feed Your Disease
9. Frigid
10. S.M.D.

1. Eyes Adjust
2. Burn Forever
3. Preacher Man
4. Feed Your Disease
5. Sleep
6. Good Luck...
7. In Love There Is Now Law
8. World War V
9. Sorry I'm Not
10. Master Killer (Marauder cover)

1. Disharmony
2. Insincerely Yours
3. Asylum Avenue
4. Love Conquers None
5. Insatiable Sin
6. Cannibal
7. Sacrifice Me
8. Arrival
9. The End Of Love
10. Cruci-Fiction

1. AWOL (State Of The Union)
2. Harakiri
3. Kill For You
4. T.F.R.
5. Forgive & Remember
6. Gaining Purpose
7. Long Gone
8. The Sound of Pain
9. Defection (Union Of The State)
10. I Fell From Grace Feet First

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