Monday, 8 December 2014

Full Of Hell

Full Of Hell are a four-piece hardcore/noise/experimental band from Maryland and Pennsylvania formed in 2009. They are known for their insane blend of punk, sludge, grindcore, powerviolence, noise, and electronic experimentation into their sound, which makes them stick out as one of the most blistering acts modern hardcore has to offer. They also put on a crazy live show, so be sure to take advantage of that if the opportunity is ever presented.  Their sound is incredibly dark and dissonant, and can at times be droning, and others completely frenzied. So far, they've put out two crushing full-lengths, as well as numerous splits with other great bands. Most recently, they released a collaborative album with the legendary Merzbow, which has been getting a ton of attention, and for good reason. As the year ends, I'm sure it'll slide into a lot of best-of 2014 lists very soon. Enjoy.

1. Intro/Lead Tongue
2. Black Iron
3. Horus
4. The Inevitable Fear of Existence

1. there is a beginning...
2. a dream
3. walking dissonance
4. and an end...

1. Full Of Hell - Vessel Deserted
2. Full Of Hell - Kopf Meines Vaters
3. Full Of Hell - The Void Awaits
4. Full Of Hell - Rat King
5. Goldust - Entrails
6. Goldust - Ruine

1. Pile Of Dead Horses
2. Endless Drone
3. The Bed Is Burning
4. Rat King
5. The Mare
6. Dregs Of Pluto
7. Black Iron
8. Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
9. Pisces Legs
10. The Oars Are Broken
11. Affirmation of Nothing

1. Deafening Echoes
2. ...Of A Vacant Dwelling

1. Full Of Hell - Fox Womb
2. Full Of Hell - Damp Reeds In A River, Dry
3. Code Orange Kids -  IV (My Mind Is A Prison)
4. Code Orange Kids - V (My Body Is A Well)

1. Dead Mudlark In Thames
2. Output 1-2 6
3. Atmosphere

1. The Guilt Of - Election Of The Severed Hand
2. Full Of Hell - Attrition of The Elm Claw

1. Full Of Hell - Return To The Mines
2. Full Of Hell - Kopf
3. Full Of Hell - The Lonely Path Of The Cestoda
4. Full Of Hell - Molluck
5. Calm The Fire - Paralyzed
6. Calm The Fire - We'll Be Fine

2. Framecode (Orchid cover)

1. Passed Past
2. Airstrike #304 : Civilians Become Soot
3. Secular Form
4. Birth Of Trog
5. Paint Peels Listless From Every Wall

1. Dichtomoy
2. Vessel Deserted
3. Coven of The Larynx
4. Throbbing Lung Fiber
5. Indigence And Guilt
6. Embrace
7. The Lord is My Light
8. Bone Coral And Brine
9. Rudiments of Mutilation
10. In Contempt of Life

1. Dichotomoy / Vessel Deserted
2. Coven of The Larynx
3. Return To The Mines / Throbbing Lung Fiber
4. Fox Womb

1. Full Of Hell - Thee Unsurmountable Wall
2. Psywarfare - The Exotic Sounds Of...

1. Burst Synapse
2. Gordian Knot
3. Humming Miter
4. Blue Litmus
5. Raise Thee, Great Wall, Bloody And Terrible
6. Thrum in The Deep
7. Shattered Knife
8. Mute
9. High Fells
10. Ljudet Av Gud
11. Fawn Heads And Unjoy

Sister Fawn
1. Ergot
2. Merzdrone
3. Aphid
4. Crumbling One
5. Litany Of Desire

1. Halogen Bulb
2. Amber Mote
3. Barb And Sap
4. Oven (The Melvins cover)

1. One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
2. Fleshworks
3. The Butcher (Leonard Cohen cover)
4. Gehorwilt
5. World Of Hope And No Pain
6. Himmel und Hölle
7. Bottled Urn
8. The Little Death
9. Cain
10. Abel

Note: Collaborative album between The Body & Full Of Hell

1. Halogen Bulb
2. Pile Of Dead Horses
3. Vessel Deserted
4. Burst Synapse
5. Humming Miter
6. Amber Mote In The Black Vault
7. Thrum In The Deep
8. Shattered Knife
9. Mute
10. The Lonely Path (of the Cestoda)
11. Barb And Sap

1. Nails - No Longer Under Your Control
2. Full of Hell - Thy Radiant Garrote Exposed
3. Full of Hell - Bez Bólu

1. Deluminate
2. Branches of Yew
3. Bound Sphinx
4. The Cosmic Vein
5. Digital Prison
6. Crawling Back To God
7. Fractured Quartz
8. Gnawed Flesh
9. Ashen Mesh
10. Trumpeting Ecstasy
11. At The Cauldron's Bottom

1. The Body & Full of Hell - Light Penetrates
2. The Body & Full of Hell - Earth is a Cage
3. The Body & Full of Hell - The King Laid Bare
4. The Body & Full of Hell - Didn't The Night End
5. The Body & Full of Hell - Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft
6. The Body & Full of Hell - Master's Story
7. The Body & Full of Hell - Farewell, Man
8. The Body & Full of Hell - I Did Not Want To Love You So


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