Friday, 2 August 2013

Dirty River

Band submission. Dirty River are a three-piece rock/garage/alternative band from the Hudson Valley, New York. They dropped their debut self-titled album in June of this year. The band incorporates a lot of blues influence into their music, which is often played with some slacker-rock sensibilities. The vocals are sung (almost spoken) with a lonely, lazy drawl that rarely carries a proper melody, but always matches the lyrical themes and the musical attitude they put forward, which is usually very bleak and bored, in a good way. The vocals could be said to sound like somewhat reminiscent of Lou Reed or Ian Curtis, if they were to be compared. The guitar lets out a thick, warm, down-trodden rumble on the low end, and a sharp bite on the high end. It's backed by drums that can either be punchy with the snare, or meandering with the toms. This album is great, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and definitely suggest checking it out. It's definitely got a unique reverb-coated sonic aesthetic which is certainly worth experiencing. Enjoy.

1. No Place Else
2. Bard
3. Releaf
4. F.A.D.
5. Letter
6. Perfect World
7. Owl Church
8. Like You
9. Warlock Blues
10. Dark Summer
11. Headed South

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