Monday, 12 August 2013

Ivy League TX

Thanks to Emily for the request.

Ivy League (sometimes referred to as Ivy League TX) are a three-piece pop punk band from Midland, Texas that formed in 2009. They also take quite a bit of influence from hardcore and alternative rock. They're a great band that just recently put out their first full-length, Transparency, on 6131 Records, and it is just awesome, as are the things they did before it. The vocals are gruff, the songs are fast-paced, but they always carry some melodic sensibilities to strike a nice balance between catchiness and aggressiveness. If you're into Title Fight, Make Do And Mend, Rotting Out, Turnover, Citizen, Polar Bear Club, or Basement, then Ivy League are definitely a band that you should be checking out immediately. Enjoy.

1. Daily
2. Les Incompetent
3. Jaded
4. It's Only Temporary

1. Daybreak
2. 1508
3. Daybreak (Acoustic)
4. Les Incompetent (Acoustic)
5. Here's Looking At You, Kid (Acoustic)

1. Canopy
2. History Repeats
3. Void
4. Transparency
5. Coalesce
6. Egress
7. Losing Sleep
8. Watch You Suffer
9. Daily, Pt. 2
10. All My Skeletons
11. My Mercenary

1. Ivy League TX - Cave
2. Turnover - I Would Hate You If I Could
3. Maker - Here She Comes
4. Such Gold - Framed

1. Daily Pt. III
2. Four Years ft. Drew Fish
3. Cold Burn


  1. can you do hundredth?

  2. Any chance you could do Anascara (not the death metal band) or Divorce?

  3. put the new ep up?