Friday, 9 August 2013

For Want Of

For Want Of are a screamo/hardcore band from Austin, Texas that began in 2008. They play music in a similar vein to Loma Prieta, Hot Cross, You And I, and La Quiete.These guys are a great band, and are currently releasing their long-awaited, much-antipicated full-length album, and it was certainly worth the wait. This thing delivers, and it delivers a lot. They let out spurts of passionate fury in each song, make great use of their multiple singers, and just kill it. Anyone into modern screamo needs to be checking this band out. Enjoy.

1. The Orchestrated Decay of Self Sufficiency
2. Moment In Time
3. Summer Of Distance
4. Shattered City

3. Death Of A Modernist (Orchid cover)

Full comp here

1. I'll Go It Alone
2. Golden Cages
3. Coyote
4. Assimilation
5. Dogmatists
6. Episode IV
7. Mentors
8. Dark Path

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