Friday, 9 August 2013


capacities are a four-piece screamo/hardcore band from New Jersey that began in 2012. Members of this band were also in The Saddest Landscape, You And I, Black Kites, and a bunch of other great bands. Regardless of their association with other amazing bands, capacities have certainly made a name for themselves. They play intense, chaotic, and emotional screamo with pummeling force. Lyrically, they explore many social/political/philosophical themes in addition to some personal ones. Seriously, check them out if you aren't already familiar with them. They're probably one of my favourite modern screamo bands around now, they're just too fucking good. Enjoy.

One quick note: Preliminary Recording was just a sampler thing that the band first put up on their Bandcamp. It's been removed now because all of those exact recordings also appear on The Unexamined Life.

1. Booker Tells It
2. All That One Can Do
3. An Unsuccessful Attack
4. I Am Better On Pills

1. capacities - In The Ground
2. capacities - A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee
3. capacities - Waking Up At The Doctor
4. capacities - I Didn't Know We Were At War
5. Coma Regalia - It Actually Is Rocket Science

1. An Apology
2. Hedgehog's Dilemma
3. An Unsuccessfull Attack
4. Shigoto
5. A Cycle of Hollow Joy and Vicious Self Hatred
6. I Am Better On Pills
7. Walk Me Through This
8. All That One Can Do
9. I'm Glad You Like A Book
10. Booker Tells It
11. Presque Vu
12. The Unexamined Life

1. Personhood In The 21st Century
2. Tacenda
3. Academic Flexing
4. Through The Mill
5. Narrow Hallways / Trapped Doors
6. God to the Flatlanders
7. A Young Woman Against The Taliban
8. Home For The Holidays
9. Sons Of A Silent Age

1. Calculator - Only The Winds Home
2. Calculator - You Say It, We Play It
3. Calculator - Victoria
4. Innards - July 5th
5. Innards - Slow And Repeat
6. Capacities - This Man's Navy
7. Capacities - The Art Of Excuses
8. Capacities - Advice From Tyrion
9. Capacities - Condolences
10. Ittō - Death Frenzy
11. Ittō - Daigoro

1. Watchmaker
2. Splitting The Breast
3. The Statue
4. Show Of Hands
5. Empire In Decay
6. Animatic
7. Bumper Sticker Education
8. Family Future
9. Personal Constructs
10. Words In The Black Lodge
11. What's A Rerun
12. Elycroft
13. The Pink Noise

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