Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Beautiful Ones

Thanks to Alvarock for the request.

The Beautiful Ones are a five-piece hardcore band from Mesa, Arizona that formed in 2011. They play mid-tempo, intense hardcore/punk that trudges and tramples, but keep an element of melody, particularly with the vocals, which are often close to being sung (and at some points actually do so), with lyrics that are usually very distinguishable. There's also a hint of thrash metal influence thrown in there. They're a really cool band, check them out. They've got an EP out with 6131 Records titled Birth Of Desire, which is probably the best starting point, even though they don't really have much else out. Enjoy.

1. Too Beautiful
2. Truth Hurts
3. Old News, Same Blues
4. Absolute Minds

11. Hear Me

Full comp here

1. Can't Stand The Sight Of Me
2. True To Me
3. Down
4. Birth Of Desire
5. Cut Me Out

15. Drain You (Nirvana cover)

Full comp here

1. Absolute Minds

1. Flowers Are Forever
2. All Eyes On Me

1. Jaded
2. Preface (Take It All Away)
3. Exhale (Room 312)
4. Transcend
5. The Morning
6. Flowercrown
7. Lovers Stomp
8. Bloom & Destroy
9. Stay
10. Heart in a Jar
11. Nothing. Existing. Missing.


  1. Missing Flowers are Forever!

  2. Jaded Love is out!

  3. Yo could you upload Jaded Love please?

  4. thank you very much

  5. The new album beautiful cru is out!!