Sunday, 11 August 2013

Swain (formerly This Routine Is Hell)

Swain (who were formerly known as This Routine Is Hell) is a four-piece hardcore punk band from Utrecht, the Netherlands that began in 2009. They're passionately furious, making each song sound like a vicious declaration. Rumbling bass lines are violated by sharp, piercing guitar parts, which are backed by pounding drums and vocals that tear at your skin. Basically, this band just kills it. Check them out, Howl is probably one of my favourite hardcore releases of 2013 (so far). Enjoy.

FFO: Ceremony, Paint It Black, Trash Talk, Midnight Souls

1. The Gate
2. Tied Down (but comfortable enough)
3. Manufacturing Consent
4. Crossed Fingers
5. Crooks & Robbers
6. The Verve Crusade
7. Make Haste
8. The Weight Of Defeat
9. Hear. See. Speak?
10. Question Everything
11. The Desperate Sway

1. Without Spirit, We Roam
2. Repent. Repeat.
3. Shine
4. Memories Are Haunting Me
5. Repulse
6. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

1. Gather Your Stones
2. Nostalgia
3. Howl
4. Shiver
5. - 
6. Wrongdoer
7. Cancer
8. I Wake To See The World Go Wild
9. Gloom
10. Don't Let Them
11. Uncommon Ground
12. Asleep

1. I Weep For Mankind
2. Heavy Dancing
3. I Need Some Space
4. Vaarwel

1. Hold My Head
2. Half Asleep / Half Awake
3. Punk-Rock Messed You Up, Kid
4. Never Clean My Room
5. It's Hard To Make Friends
6. Kiss Me Hard
7. Faze Me
8. Secrets Inside
9. Seen A Good Man (In A Bad Mood)
10. You're Not Special
11. Hoping For It
12. It's A Strange Way Down (The Underwater Song)
13. Rid Myself Of You


  1. Just in case you edit posts (years) afterwards, these guys now run under the moniker "Swain" and released a new EP this March, called "Heavy Dancing" (again through Cobra Rec. and Ruins Rec.). As expected, it's just as awesome as Howl still is. Also there's technically another release that came out prior to The Verve Crusade, a split with a group called Alfatec that was released in 2008 ( Even the guys themselves almost forgot about it, but as far as I remember they had a pretty different line-up back then so it's probably due to that.

    Awesome blog by the way, lots of awesome stuff and you really seem to put a lot of effort into the band's articles, liked that a lot. Keep up the good work!

  2. They released their new album The Long Dark Blue yesterday and it rocks!

  3. yoooo we need the new album

  4. Can you please upload the new album, i'm really excited for it

  5. The links to Howl and Heavy Dancing don't seem to be working.