Friday, 10 June 2016

Your Old Droog

Here's something a little different for ya. Your Old Droog is a Brooklyn-based rapper who got started publicly in 2014. He released his first EP on Soundcloud, and gained a lot of attention because he was mistaken for Nas under another name. It's definitely an honest mistake, because the two are quite similar vocally and stylistically. Following his debut, he put out two fantastic EP's last year, Kinison and The Nicest, both of which are definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

1. Quiet Storm Interlude
2. Bad To The Bone
3. Nutty Bars
4. Loosey In The Store With Pennies
5. Good Times Are Hard To Come By These Days
6. Droog's Anthem
7. Gunsmoke Cologne
8. U-47
9. You Know What Time It Is
10. Bye Outro
11. Free Turkey
12. Loosey In The Store With Pennies (Extended Version)
13. On The News
14. Boofanickoregs
15. The 70's
16. 48th Street
17. Senseless Killin'
18. Bad To The Bone (Remix)

1. Intro
2. Blood
3. Porno For Pyros
4. Sonic Youth
5. Homicide
6. Rage Against The Machine
7. Freeway Fire
8. Gentrify My Hood
9. Sasquatch In A UFO
10. Get The Paper
11. Mule Juice/Outro

1. We Don't Know You
2. Through The Nose
3. Wave Rider
4. Word
5. Listen
6. Have A Nice Day