Friday, 10 June 2016

Julien Baker

I couldn't agree more with the past few comments about a certain someone needing to be on here. It's an honesty travesty that I've neglected to include her on this blog for so many months now, so I simply can't excuse waiting any longer. Julien Baker is a singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee who self-released her debut album on Bandcamp back in 2014. A year later it was picked up by 6131 Records and officially released as Sprained Ankle, and its caught a wildfire of attention.

These songs are gorgeously crafted, and the whole thing reads like a poet's diary. They are incredibly personal reflections on some heavyweight subject material. What Julien captures are some very tough and emotional topics and convey them in a simple, modest way. Much like her main influences Ben Gibbard and Elliott Smith, and all great writers for that matter, she can say a complex thing in a simple way. She's both very open and very relatable, making for a very personal listening experience, as I'm sure it is for a very personal playing experience. Her songs are accompanied by a very haunting, disparate guitar sound that borders the line between folk and ambient, which is obviously a very unique mesh. I can't say enough good things about her music, so just give it a listen if you haven't already and give her any kind of support where you can. Enjoy.

1. Blacktop
2. Sprained Ankle
3. Brittle Boned
4. Everybody Does
5. Good News
6. Something
7. Rejoice
8. Vessels
9. Go Home

1. Sprained Ankle
2. Rejoice
3. Something
4. Go Home


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  2. Not all the songs are there :((

  3. YES!! I stumbled upon the audiotree session a while back and fell in love. Thanks!

  4. Yo, somethings up with the Sprained Ankle LP link, can you try and fix it? if not thats good too i just wanna play it on the radio

  5. Can you reupload the link for Sprained Ankle? Thanks in advance!

  6. Any chance someone has the "Jingle Yay!" compilation version of "Decorated Lawns"? I missed out on the 100 digital downloads they sold and now it isn't available :(

  7. This is awesome. You should put her full bands stuff up to I think it's called Forrester

  8. anyone know where one could find the original version of "sprained ankle" (before it was rerecorded for the 6131 release)?

  9. her new album is out! plus itd be awesome if you could upload the 7" she released earlier this year. Thank you!

  10. thanks man god bless you

  11. Add new album please!!

  12. she has a couple other releases that are missing. could you add"turn out the lights" and the "distant solar systems ep" please??