Saturday, 25 June 2016

Diet Cig

Diet Cig are a two-piece indie rock/pop punk band from New Paltz, New York that started in 2014. As far as I know, vocalist/guitarist Alex Luciano had never played guitar or been in a band prior to forming Diet Cig, though drummer Noah Bowman had been active in a few bands before. One of which is Earl Boykins I believe, who were posted on this blog way back in its early days. Check 'em out.

Diet Cig play a fun, catchy brand of indie pop that focuses on bright chords and energetic drumming, matched with some quaint songs about the relatively mundane yet somehow dramatic life of a twenty-something. These songs will get stuck in your head no doubt, and fans of bands like P.S. Eliot will find them irresistible. Definitely recommended, enjoy.

1. Breathless
2. Pool Boyz
3. Scene Sick
4. Cardboard
5. Harvard

1. Sleep Talk
2. Dinner Date

1. Sixteen
2. Bite Back
3. Link In Bio
4. Maid Of The Mist
5. Leo
6. Apricots
7. Barf Day
8. Bath Bomb
9. Blob Zombie
10. Road Trip
11. I Don't Know Her
12. Tummy Ache