Sunday, 19 June 2016


PWR BTTM are a two-piece punk/garage rock band formed in 2013 by Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce while they were attending Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. The band really sets themselves apart as unique for being a "queercore" band, which basically means its members identify as queer and a lot of their lyrics touch upon the subject. That could open up a whole other dialogue, but this is a music blog and I'm going to stick to that. Long story short, it's amazing to see members of the LGBTQ community represented in punk, especially two people decked out in drag ripping through some amazing songs. The guitar is loud, the drums are pounding, and the melodies are catchy as hell. It's garage punk at its finest, and their debut LP Ugly Cherries is a great display of that. You just can't go wrong with these fun, loaded pop hooks and booming instrumentals. They're on tour with Pity Sex and Petal now, so check them out there if you can. Enjoy.

1. All The Boys
2. Gendr
3. Kill All Assholes
4. Carbs
5. Trade

1. PWR BTTM - Hold Yer Tongue
2. PWR BTTM - Sacramento
3. PWR BTTM - bcmbd
4. Jawbreaker Reunion - The D 
5. Jawbreaker Reunion - Adventure Time
6. Jawbreaker Reunion - Andrew In Drag

1. Short-Lived Nightmare
2. Dairy Queen
3. I Wanna Boi
4. Ugly Cherries
5. Serving Goffman
6. Nu 1
7. West Texas
8. 1994
9. C U Around
10. All The Boys
11. House In Virginia


  1. I'm so glad you posted my babies lmao


  3. It's too bad because Pageant is their best album. Of course I don't know the whole story but from what I saw Bens accuser seemed more of a personal attack than a legit accusation. The whole thing seemed off to me, especially that Chris Brown and xxxtentacion can go on with their careers after being outed as abusers while PWR BTTM was dropped from the face of the earth from one accusation that was posted anon and never confirmed or clarified. I don't support misogyny in any form but the extreme actions taken against them before there was even proof seemed rather transphobic to me.