Sunday, 12 June 2016

Maximillian Colby

Maximillian Colby were a short-lived post-hardcore/screamo band from Harrisonburg, Virginia that formed in 1993 or 1994 and broke up in 1995 after a member of the band suddenly died. In the small amount of time they were a band, they released a 7", some songs that ended up on various compilations, and a split with the seminal Shotmaker (who I also advise checking out, they were one of the first bands on this blog). Their discography LP was first released in 1996, but the better-known version was reissued in 2002 by Lovitt Records. Maximillian Colby's sound was as intense as you'd imagine a Virginia hardcore band to be in the mid 90's, which is very intense. Their vocals are incredible, and were a clear influence on the development of screamo. Instrumentally, the band were very spastic, going from quiet passages to all-out frenzies in an instant. This is a hidden gem that unfortunately never got as much attention as they deserved, and I highly recommend giving them a listen. A few of their members also played in Sleepytime Trio, who are a bit better known than this project. Enjoy.

1. New River
2. Sifelaver
3. What's The Matter River?
4. Coughfin'
5. Shoot Hypotenuse
6. Bluestone
7. Petty Fix
8. Sparcly
9. Right Right Left
10. Cowboy Syndrome
11. Itt
12. Anacin
13. Last Name
14. Balance
15. One Gallon Alda
16. Chuck


  1. Yes yes yes!!! I had this CD long ago and lost it somewheres! Thanks so much for putting it online!

  2. first track is new jello