Sunday, 19 June 2016

Terrible Love

Terrible Love are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from London, England that features members from other notable UK hardcore bands such as Goodtime Boys and Bastions. They released their debut EP in January of this year and it's garnered a ton of attention. It's comparable to other great modern hardcore bands like Defeater and More Than Life, who play a very emotion-driven and melodic style of punk, with an always-intense aggression to it. Change Nothing is a fantastic EP that I highly recommend giving a listen to, and look forward to whatever else this band does in the future. Not to mention they take their name from a song by The National, so what more could you ask for? Enjoy.

1. Change Nothing
2. Mt. Misery
3. They Need You
4. Stone In Me
5. Sparrow

1. False Flag

1. First Flowers
2. Torch The Fields
3. Separate Graves
4. Doubt Mines
5. A Better Light