Monday, 4 August 2014

Told Slant

Another for Mary.

Told Slant are a four-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Their one album, Still Water, is absolutely beautiful. The band captures feelings of sadness and alienation in such stunning ways. Musically, they sound like a mix of Modest Mouse, I Hate Myself, and Teen Suicide. But they craft songs that are certainly have their own artistic merit. With lyrics that delve very deeply into the internal and external issues of Felix Walworth, the listener is caught with awe of their own feelings and situations being parallelled so intensely. The cracked croon and drawl of his voice only heightens this pain. It is the perfect audio accompaniment to thoughts involving personal, gender, and existential crises. The entire listening experience is very "intense". This catches one of guard, because nothing about this is in your face. Rather, the looming presence of sorrow and depression that is laden here is what sedates you. Still Water is an album to be experienced, and is highly recommend to check out. It goes beyond the "indie", "emo", any tag like that. It is a solitary work of art, reflecting the solitary mood of these songs. And it is ok to cry along. Enjoy.

1. Parking Lots
2. Algae Bloom
3. In San Francisco
4. Lack
5. Heart Sinks
6. Ohio Snow Falls
7. Sleep In
8. I am Not
9. Pine Tree Lines
10. I'm Real

3. Sweater

1. I Don't
2. Green Nail Polish
3. Tall Cans Hold Hands
4. High Dirge
5. Eggs In A Basket
6. Low Hymnal
7. Tsunami
8. Delicate
9. Sweater
10. Wappingers Creek
11. Cannon Ball


  1. can you please make a post about Four Years Strong! xoxoxo

  2. I believe Felix uses they/them pronouns. Just a heads up!

  3. Hi! Great blog. Could you maybe do some Bright Eyes and/or Conor Oberst?

  4. i believe Felix does go by they/them pronouns

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