Sunday, 24 August 2014


Cursed were a four-piece hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario from 2001-2008. Without a doubt, these guys have made one of the biggest impacts in hardcore music from the last decade or so. They put out some incredibly dark, sludgy, and heavy music that has continued to be a huge influence on bands. They were fronted by Chris Colohan, whose political lyricism and morbid imagery made them stand out as a band willing to press legitimate social issues with actual knowledge to back them, and done in ways that can still be seen as artistic. His vocals are low, seething, guttural, and throat-scorching, which perfectly works with their sludge metal-influenced guitar tones and pounding drums. If the apocalypse had a soundtrack, this would be it. If the decline of western civilization has a soundtrack, and this is it, despite not being a band for more than five years.

They formed out of the remnants of another band, The Swarm, in 2001. Most of their members had also been very active in a ton of bands that dominated the Canadian hardcore/punk scene. Cursed's debut album, I, came out on Deathwish in 2003. They pummelled through two more LP's and two EP's before calling it quits in 2008. They were robbed while staying in a German squat, and lost everything; gear, money, and passports were all gone. Since then their members have stayed quite active in a ton of bands, such as Burning Love, Quest For Fire, and Crux of Aux.

Below is their entire discography. Their demo, Hell Comes Home 7", unreleased song from I, Blackout At Sunrise 7", and Last Session 7" were all complied onto an album called The Rest, which contains everything they did not included on an LP. Their three EP's, Hell Comes HomesBlackout At Sunrise, and The Last Session are also individually included, if you want the artwork for them. The demo and outtake song are the only things included on the compilation I couldn't find anywhere else. Enjoy.

1. Polygraph
2. God And Country
3. Promised Land
4. Bloody Mary
5. How Great Things Happen When You Give Up Hope
6. 1974
7. Negative Two Point Five
8. Guilt Parade
9. Another Day
10. Opposable Thumbs
11. Pariah

1. Hell Comes Home
2. Search & Destroy (The Stooges cover)

1. Intro/Fatalist
2. Reparations
3. R.I.P.
4. Head Of The Baptist
5. The Void
6. Two
7. Old Money
8. Clocked In, Punched Out
9. Model Home Invasion
10. Hell Comes Home
11. Outro

1. Blackout At Sunrise
2. The Hands That Will Abide
3. Hawaii

1. Architects Of Troubled Sleep
2. Night Terrors
3. Magic Fingers
4. Antihero Resuscitator
5. Friends In The Music Business
6. Into The Hive
7. III
8. Unnecessary Person
9. Hegel's Bastards
10. Dead Air At The Pulpit
11. Gutters

1. Reparations
2. Promised Land / Polygraph
3. Antihero Resuscitator
4. Into The Hive

1. Polygraph
2. God And Country
3. Disruptacon (Another Day)
4. Hell Comes Home
5. Search & Destroy (The Stooges cover)
6. This Time Next Year
7. Blackout At Sunrise
8. The Hands Will Abide
9. Hawaii
10. Reparations
11. Promised Land / Polygraph
12. Antihero Resuscitator
13. Into The Hive


  1. Thank you for this! Cursed was an amazing band. Very underated.