Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Here's a band that  got me thinking "Why the hell weren't they on here already?" And I'm sure many of you feel the same way, so enjoy!

Prawn are a five-piece band from Ridgewood, New Jersey that formed in 2007. These guys have quickly risen to being one of the forerunners of the modern midwestern emo scene, and are currently signed to Topshelf Records. This is for a good reason, of course, this is an incredible band with a very blended sound. At their core, they are basically the modern incarnation of Braid or Christie Front Drive (despite the fact that both those bands literal incarnations). Therefore, Prawn are often associated with many of the bands in this modern scene (Joie De Vivre, Into It. Over It., Dowsing, yadayadayada). In some ways, they are very akin to this sound. The emotionally driven vocals, clean guitar tone, and math-rockish twinkly melodies, are staples in the genre. But at times, Prawn has more in common with Explosions In The Sky than American Football. The band takes a ton of post-rock influences, in their dynamics, reverb-heay sound, chord shapes, tremolo picking, layered guitar sounds, etc. Throw in some elements of indie rock and voila! You have Prawn. If you're looking for technically proficient, energetic music with an emotional edge, you're in the right place. This band has released some amazing material to date, they just put out a new album which is getting lots of (deserved) love, as is everything they've done up to this point.

1. Nightmares
2. Thousand Grains of Sand
3. Courage Kills Men
4. Arctic Foxes
5. Family Tree

1. Clever Hands
2. Sammy
3. At Dawn We Left

1. At Dawn We Left
2. Wesley's Pipe Dreams
3. Get Down
4. Sammy
5. Clever Hands
6. Horizontal
7. Perfect Equilibrium
8. Slaying A Paper Tiger
9. Questions For Dome Chomsky
10. Transcendental Deduction (Copernican Turn)

1. Your One Is My Half Mile
2. Spring River

1. Costa Rica
2. Grass And Bones
3. Donald Domesky
4. Spring River
5. Praxis
6. Two Ships

1. Kittyhawk - Daily Dodger
2. Kittyhawk - Food Fight
3. Prawn - Nerves
4. Prawn - Laki
5. Droughts - Deaf Grin
6. Droughts - Financed Furniture
7. Frameworks - Presomnal
8. Frameworks - Preamble

1. Joie De Vivre - Martin Part
2. Joie De Vivre - Tenstopet
3. Joie De Vivre - Good Morning Mr. Franklin
4. Prawn - Why You Always Leave A Note
5. Prawn - Fracture

1. Scud Running
2. First as Tragedy, Second as Farce
3. Prolonged Exposure
4. Dialect Of...
5. Old Souls
6. Glass, Irony
7. Absurd Walls
8. Thalassa
9. Runner's Body
10. Halcyon Days

1. Settled
2. Built For

1. Moving Mountains - Abby Normal
2. Moving Mountains - Deathless
3. Prawn - Slopes
4. Prawn - Seas

1. Hunter
2. Snake Oil Salesman
3. North Lynx
4. Cricket In The Yard
5. Hawk In My Head
6. Empty Hands
7. Short Stern
8. Rooftops
9. Leopard's Paw
10. Greyhound
11. Split Logs


  1. Not to be a smart ass but how is it that a band from New Jersey could be considered Midwestern emo? Just taking the piss m8 like your blog.

  2. Hey, do you have the Prawn / Moving Mountains split?

  3. Ah, thank you, you never let us down; I really was thinking I wouldn't have been able to find this band anywhere!

  4. Just found this site. Great music. I love it, and I love Prawn.